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The Day After

Baltar and Six are still chatting when the ads are finished. He asks what the smoke detector is supposed to do, but she claims she doesn't know. "Well, it hasn't exploded," he observes. "Yet," she adds. Just in case anyone in the audience is comatose, brain damaged, or from Cleveland, Six helpfully verbalizes Baltar's dilemma, which is that he can't reveal the existence of the device because he has no good way of explaining how he knows what a Cylon device would look like. Can't he just point out that it's not octagonal? That'd be enough to raise my suspicions. Then Sex…er, "Six" shoves her hand down his pants, and suggests that they go at it right there on the bridge. Baltar's head lolls back, and he starts moaning, and it's at this point that Poor Man's Kevin Spacey comes over for a little chat. Heh. And clever too, considering. "Are you all right?" asks PMKS. "You look a little flushed." I wonder if he can see Six, because this scene is much funnier if he can. Baltar has a sudden flash of inspiration, and decides to implicate someone else on the ship as a Cylon agent, so he has an excuse to point out the device. He settles on PMKS, even though Six tries to talk him out of it, but the only problem is that no one on Galactica suspects the Cylons look like humans now.

Cut to Adama, telling Colonel McCain that the Cylons look like humans now. Well, that solves that problem, doesn't it? McCain returns the expository favor by informing Dad that Apollo is still alive. Cut to Apollo, waiting in Adama's quarters. He picks up an old family photograph that would seem to suggest that Mom was the whitest woman in Cork County, rather than Liverpool. I was close, though. Adama finally enters, and their tearful reunion is every bit as boring as their first fight was annoying. Sniffle, sniffle, hug, hug, and…scene. I can't believe Ron Moore didn't make Apollo salute the Old Man here. And then they could have skipped through the meadows to family game night, and played with their lovable robotic puppies.

In a nicely appointed conference room we haven't seen before, Adama and McCain brief Baltar on their discovery that Cylons can look like humans. Baltar does a passable job of looking surprised, and then promises to do his best to come up with some kind of reliable Cylon detection system. "Keep this to yourself for now," growls Colonel McCain. "We don't people to panic or start accusing their neighbors of being Cylons because they don't brush their teeth in the morning." Yeah. I don't understand that either.

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