Battlestar Galactica Press Conference/The 2008 Sci Fi Channel Upfront

More talking about money and budgets... I know this show is expensive and I'm all grateful for that, but I want to know what's going to happen next season, like is Katee going to lead them into destruction? At the very least I want to entertained with more fun anecdotes from set. I'm wondering if the "work" of this press conference is trying to look interested in this technical stuff. Mary says something about a shopping ship that would help her get a better wardrobe and my ears suddenly perk up... now their back to schedules and writing process... no good gossip. Back to doodling and looking like I'm paying attention. Maybe EJO is on to something with his quiet nodding.

More chatting about why BSG is such a good show. Why they all feel blessed to get such great scripts. Ron talks about who has influenced his career. Then someone asks the actors if they like playing human elements of the show, even though it is a "sci-fi" show. Park says, "Absolutely. I think that's one of the richest things about Battlestar Galactica." Sackhoff says, "I think it all plays off of itself. The sci/fi fantasy of is extremely interesting to me and extremely challenging for me. I sit in a cockpit and pretend like I'm a child in a cardboard box pretending it is a racecar. Someone asked me one time, 'How fast does a viper go?' I looked at them with utter confusion on my face and said, 'As fast as the crew can push it.'" Have I mentioned lately how much I love Katee Sackhoff? Well... I do. She then talks about playing the human aspects of Starbuck, and how the character is such an extraordinary person, but then admits, "It is definitely more fun to go out with machine guns and blow stuff up. That's more fun for me than sitting in a jail cell by myself and crying, but it is all multilayered."

Next question is about any surprising hookups this season. Now we're getting somewhere! Sackhoff says, "I already slept with everybody on the show." This gets big laughs from the crowd. The same reporter follows up by asking Edward James Olmos if Adama should get some action. "Get what?" is the confused reply. Aaron Douglas pipes in with, "Oh. I've seen things I can't unsee!" Then out of nowhere Edward James Olmos actually starts talking about how he's upset that the show is ending and that he respect the millions of people that tried to get the show on the air in the first place. "We're pretty well torn apart. It is devastating. There's no more fun in this anymore. The fun of this is doing it. When we are off-camera it gets darker and darker, and we're looking at each other going, 'don't talk about it.' We're not going to be able to repeat this. I wish that they could find a way to get us to do a movie with this cast. It would be interesting... I don't think they could afford it, because everyone up here is really pissed." At this point, I'm starting to wonder if Olmos is joking around, or if he's being straight. I mean, people are chuckling, but he is completely deadpan. Hard to tell since he's barely uttered another word through the entire almost hour this has been going on.

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