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In the dim bazaar of Prometheus, Apollo gets offered foodstuffs, cigarettes, medicines, and there are a bunch of people very cramped and close to the camera. Some of them recognize Apollo and scurry off, which is funny because of the rule we made up in college called The Porn Store Paradox, where if you were in the porn store, and somebody saw you there, it's automatically a stalemate, because so are they, so there's no reason to avoid going to the porn store. This rule also worked for Spice World and Love Actually. Apollo hears children crying, and investigates -- there's a locked room with a metal-grate window, and inside it are four little girls and one little boy, I think. One of the girls is, of course, Paya. She and Apollo touch fingers through the grating, and he tries to comfort her. She's pretty scared. He does a good job here of obviously covering his horror and rage with a nice hush-little-baby smile on his face. He tells her he'll be right back, leans against the wall and nearly boots, and then takes off. Kids, now. The Godwin's Law of proving Bad Guys are Bad.

Apollo heads into a bar where there are lots of creepy people and hookers, and finds Phelan talking to a couple of women who are way prettier than these stock characters usually are. Even the brokedown hos on this show are beautiful. Phelan invites Apollo to join him in his office, which is a nasty booth in the corner. Phelan explains that his father, believe it or not, was also in the service: "Strict as hell. Probably the same as your old man. But, when the Cylons attacked, all his duty and honor didn't add up to squat." "That's funny," Lee thinks, "because with my family, they added up to infinity." Lee asks if Siobhan is dead yet, and Phelan can see where he's coming from, with the worry and get-to-the-pointiness, because she's "one of [his] best." Even Apollo doesn't get the pimp thing: "'One of yours'?" They bring her roughly in behind him, and Phelan gives her a positive performance review: "A good escort understands it's about a lot more than sex. She knows when to listen...and when to call for help." Help! You yourself are beating me and using me and my child as bait! Please, stop...yourself! She begs Apollo to forgive her for...doing something -- letting them use her as bait, maybe -- and Phelan tells Apollo not to blame her for whatever it is: "The only reason you're alive is because I was able to see you through Siobhan's eyes. And what I saw seemed reasonable." "Like Fisk?" asks Lee. "Fisk was a pig," explains Phelan, because he wanted to force them to renegotiate. Then he explains everything else that Zarek just explained: "I gave you the killer. The murder weapon, the prints. Everything you needed to close the case legitimately. Despite the President's objections, the Fleet needs us." Lee's trying to figure out the logical gap here, but just looks ill. "Rationing's too tight, ship comes in too late, we're the pressure valve, we provide. When Siobhan needed antibiotics, she knew where to go." Lee unnecessarily remembers finding them, in case the Lords of Kobol have heard our prayers and we have contracted amnesia. "Without us, people would have nowhere to turn. The Fleet would tear itself apart." But that is...not true, is it? Phelan seems to be saying that it's some kind of inefficiency in the Fleet that is causing the supply shortages, but wouldn't Roslin be on that? Wouldn't somebody have noticed? Who's in charge here? How come nobody noticed the Astral Queen getting starved out?

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