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Back on Colonial One, Apollo debriefs his dad and the President: "Commander Fisk's murder has been resolved, and Pegasus's crew appears to have accepted Galactica's conclusions. That's all, Madame President." She's like, "What about the Prometheus?," which she's given to understand is the "hub of the Fleet's black market." Apollo offers to keep an eye on them, and Roslin's not okay with that answer: "Whether or not we allow a criminal enterprise to thrive in this Fleet is not a matter of choice, Captain." He almost drops under her glare, but he's still feeling rebellious due to the fact that she broke his heart two weeks ago. She looks to Dad, but Adama just says he's given Lee "full authority on this issue." Apollo explains that he supports the new trade policy wholeheartedly, but -- in case we needed it explained a fifteenth time -- "We are never going to have a perfect system. There will always be some kind of black market." At least this way, he'll know the names and the faces and the details and he and Jennifer Jason Leigh can find out if there really are no more tears in heaven. She looks at them, the wall of Adamas blocking her view of the rosy utopian future, and looks away: "Thank you, gentlemen, I'm busy." Ouch! It's even more painful than you think.

Cut to Zarek walking through the Prometheus, escorted by one of Phelan's former thugs, getting smiling and chatty with the bad guys. Mission accomplished. Poor dumb Apollo. Who could have thought he'd end up being the only actual assassin? That's so sad!

In the Galactica gym, Billy's holding Dualla's feet down for her sit-ups and they are being cute and mumbly about losing count and so forth. In case Billy's a Cylon, Dualla notes that he is barely sweating, even though he apparently should be, given the intense stamina required to hold a girl's feet down who's tipping the scales at 110 pounds easy. They are mighty adorable together, sneaking in for a kiss every now and then and romantically grousing at each other. Lee watches them and turns to leave, catching Dualla's eye. She watches him leave for a second, and then turns back to Billy, smiling resolutely. "Okay then," she thinks, "but you and I both know this is far from the end of it." Which is fine, because you knew from the time she wigged about Zarek that she was the female version of Lee. Who is the female version of Kara, who is in turn the female version of Tigh, who is the female version of Adama, who is the female version of Chuck Norris, who is the female version of Laura Roslin, who is the female version of Jimmy Carter, and if you think I'm being sexist or something with this joke, go watch this episode again before you email me.

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