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In Adama's quarters, no music at all plays as father and son feel the grodiness and disappointment of getting slow-burn yelled at by the President. Out of nowhere, Adama tells us directly about how "ever since [Lee] ejected from the Blackbird, [he's] been different. Harder to reach." This point could also be made by showing Lee being different, or perhaps harder to reach, but it's not like these two have very many scenes together, and the prenominate moment last week with Starbuck, where he was both, does help. "Well, like you said, Dad. We've all been through a lot" is Lee's failure of a reply. Whereas normally Adama would be on that like a Tigh on a highball, Adama's just like, "Fair enough." They both drink instead of communicating. "But you should have told me about the woman." Lee smiles, looks over at Adama, cracks a brow, then flops back, staring into space, wondering what the hell that line even meant. The end.

"Glorious failure" is a phrase that springs to mind perhaps too readily in our superlative-enhanced times, but this is not one. Not "failure," because it succeeds on its own terms, and occasionally rises above the low bar it sets for itself; neither "glorious," a term reserved for attempts at actual ambition. What it is, is a stepping-stone to next week, for which I cannot wait: Anders is an issue again, Kat's marginally less or possibly more of an asshole, Starbuck's a bitter old drunk, and Helo's all up in her business. I'll see you there. Boom boom boom.

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