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Lee knocks and enters Tigh's quarters, where he's reclining on the bed with a bottle of whisky on his stomach. I wish we could see those conversations. "Is your wife around, Colonel?" Tigh looks so tiny and old and messed up. I mentioned a while back about how Mary McDonnell can shrink or grow to fit her role -- same thing here. We've seen him looking fit and nice, even humbled and repentant ("Scattered"); we've seen him strong and imposing ("33"), and we've seen him vital and overheated ("Tigh Me Up..."), but we've never seen him so...tired, and crusty, and withered and old. Apollo reveals that the magic bracelet belongs to Ellen (hee!), and Tigh pretty clearly lies that she lost it "a couple weeks ago." He asks where "the hell" Lee found it, and Lee admits that it was on Pegasus. Tigh hems and haws and snuffles, scared. Apollo picks up a grape fairly bursting with vitamins and minerals and life-giving moisture: "In Commander Fisk's quarters."

Cloud 9 flashback continues: Paya coughs some more. Siobhan, worried now, notes her fever, and Apollo asks what they had to say at the "infirmary" -- so, socialized medicine? At the least? -- which is that the antibiotics have all been "rationed out." Paya continues with the hacking cough.

Back in Tigh's quarters, Apollo's leveling with the Colonel: "We've got shortages across the Fleet. People begging for scraps. Somehow, you and Mrs. Tigh have fresh fruit, real liquor --" Tigh snaps around on him: "All right, what the hell is this about?" Apollo thinks Tigh must at least have known Ellen was trading with Fisk -- he makes a very intimidating face -- or maybe he'll just talk to Ellen directly. I don't know why this upsets Tigh, because she only rarely makes an appearance and Apollo will have to find her first, but the phrasing here, and the amazing's gorgeous. He's just so frail, like Night Of The Hunter intensity in this. This is the heart of the episode, such as it is: all gristle and bone and nobody standing higher than anybody else. Tigh: "She didn't give it to Fisk, I did. I traded it for a few necessities, a couple of things to help her get by, big frackin' deal. There's nothing illegal about that." Apollo allows as how this is true, for the moment. Tigh: "Don't you play 'holier than thou' with me. I haven't done anything that most people on this ship haven't done." Wow is that not an excuse in any way. I would have walked out right then, like, "Okay, you fucking alcoholic. Have fun with your total lack of accountability." But Tigh follows that up with a sideswipe that pretty much redeems it: "Including you."

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