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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

"No. No one believed that we would survive the Cylon nuclear holocaust. Or the hell on New Caprica. Or the fifty thousand other crises we've lived through. But we did, we're here. We've made this veritable habit out of defying the odds. Particularly William Adama. And he is alive." Six is moved; Laura's voice breaks on it: "He is alive. And he will take command of this Fleet again. And when that day comes, he's going to know who stuck with him, and who ran. Now, who do you want to be? Who do you want to be?" What is your name?

1305, Chief comes crawling out into a munitions locker, on his back. The world's his Raptor now. He looks up into the barrel of Kelly's gun. "Hey, Aaron. Sprung you, did they?" Kelly almost smiles: "Long live the revolution." He orders Galen out of the duct, and Galen, breathing hard, wearing out, says to just shoot him. There is something just indescribably wonderful about Galen Tyrol. His humor is so dark, but so very uplifting too. He laughs at death and it's not even a metaphor. Kelly points out that he's a toaster and can't get tired, and Chief smiles. "That's right, I'm a machine. What does that make you, dumbass?" Kelly smiles, exhausted, and begins to laugh.

"This was a hell of a ship once," Kelly says proudly, looking around, happy to stall. Chief agrees; he should know. He's proud as well. Kelly uncocks his gun and congratulates Chief on Nicky's fully human pedigree. "Could have told you she was trouble," he digs, and Chief laughs delightedly; grateful for a conversation and not just this death. "Wouldn't have mattered," he admits, managing to say about six things at once. Kelly gets steely again and points his gun, and Galen shuts his eyes up tight, waiting for it. Kelly shivers, and begins to scream: "Go on, keep going. Go! Go on, skinjob, go." He does, scrambling back into the walls. Kelly, alone, begins to weep. It feels like dying; it feels like being born. He becomes something new. We just do it differently, on our side of the salt.

Romo offers Bill a pen, to sign a statement of his innocence, but Bill can't respect this bullshit enough even to do that. Romo, sincere suddenly, begs him to do it, for the Fleet if nothing else. Bill shakes his head, on fire with hope, and promises Romo the mutiny will fail. "I won't betray my beliefs with a testimony." Romo leans forward, promises Bill his people are mobilizing -- that he saw Chief, scurrying away, and many things besides: "Give them a chance to do something, stall or play dumb or..." The Marines step forward and Romo slides back, away, raising his voice again: "We've been ready to proceed for some time."

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