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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

A mutineer stands at a urinal; his head bashes against the wall before him and he goes down. Undignified, but awesome. Kara takes his gun; she and Lee stride away. Such a short, fabulous scene. And on the Basestar, a Six named Lida watches Gaius, terrified, once more without any Colonial identity, without a name. When he left the cult behind it felt wonderfully free, but now he's just a boy on a shuttle to Caprica, leaving Aerilon behind again. Again, again, again. A boy without a home. A boy who got all the nubile adoration he wanted, until he choked on it, and realized respect means nothing if you don't respect in turn. They became people to him, which is a step in the right direction, but not enough for it to matter.

Lida asks him if he's injured, and he corrects her wording: "damaged." No longer a President or a Prophet, nobody listening to his voice. He has nothing to say. No longer a revolutionary, applying the hard sciences to soft flesh: saying this is how many pregnancies, this is how far from home; this is the emergent aristocracy, this is the crack in the social armor. The exquisite thing for the dog, with food balanced on its nose, is the moment right before he locks his teeth around it. She looks at him, innocent, with Farrah Fawcett hair and a soft gauzy glow to match; he is covered in bruises. They recognize each other: she's made love to him, and he to her, a million times. They've never met.

London was beginning to illuminate herself against the night. Electric lights sizzled and jagged in the main thoroughfares, gas lamps in the side-streets glimmered a canary gold or green...

London was not afraid. Her smoke mitigated the splendour, and the clouds ... were a delicately painted ceiling, which adorned while it did not distract. She has never known the clear-cut armies of the purer air.

1337, and coincidentally we're back with Kara and Lee, getting elite on some noobs. Lee tosses a grenade into the middle of them, and the guys drop. They shoot all the Marines in the squad before them -- Kara double-fisting, wrists crossed -- and she drops behind a crate, terrified of the explosion. Lee walks easily to the grenade, pin still in, and when she complains he points out it would have been funny if she'd pulled that trick.

Around a corner, into the brig. Everybody starts yelling at everybody else, and it's sort of confusing. Lee screams and screams at Tigh, asking for his father; disappointed that he's not there -- after all that -- and Sam worries about Helo. Athena gets everybody moving, and picks up Helo; Caprica grabs Hera of course; at a junction Kara and Sam stop to get more guns, and Sam is shot by advancing mutineers. He goes down, choking on blood, losing the thread quickly. Kara shouts at him, trying to keep him focused and stable; Tigh worries and sweetly yells at them not to jostle his neck. Lee cries out to Saul, by beloved name, like an uncle, to help save Sam, to figure it out. Kara tells them to go find Adama, and after much screeching on everybody's part, they move out. Sam thrashes in her arms.

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