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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

And Zarek steals it, like a thief in the night. Like a lonely, jealous beggar. Kelly tells him Tigh and the Cylon prisoners have escaped, and Zarek hangs up the phone. "Um, Saul Tigh was killed trying to escape." Bill breaks. Bad. Felix is shocked. He stares at the Admiral, worried, and spares him a moment of sympathy despite himself: "I'm sorry." He comes back around, immediately, disconnecting. No networking, no connection. Not now.

"...But you did give aid and comfort to the enemy. Saul Tigh was a Cylon. And even when you discovered that he was, you let him remain the XO, didn't you?" Adama's aged ten years in a second; he has died a little bit. He stops playing altogether, without even enough energy to fuck with him. Felix's sorrow comes in fits and starts, and Zarek assumes control: "The prisoner is guilty as charged." Romo sniffs: "This isn't the trial, this is an asylum." And the inmates are, once again, running it. Zarek shoves him against the wall, shouting... And Laura breaks across the wireless again. Her voice runs through his veins.

"This is President Laura Roslin speaking from the Cylon Baseship. Felix Gaeta has seized Galactica by force. The Cylons were defending themselves. They will not harm you. I repeat, the Cylons will not harm you. Shut down your FTL drives..."

Zarek gets on the horn immediately, demanding that they jam the signal, telling Gage to get "that little frak" Hoshi back on CIC. Bill just stares, and stares, and looks up at Felix. On the Basestar, Leoben strokes his makeshift transmitter happily, proudly. Machines and machines. Laura smiles in wonder.

Kara, exhausted and bloody, finally leans back against the bulkhead near a junction, holding Sam in her arms. He's not even moving anymore. She hears someone coming, and stares into space, unmoving, like a rabbit. A guard, escorting Romo to his death, screams at her. She closes her eyes, heartbroken, and aims her gun one last time. When she fires, the clip is empty. Luckily, Klepto Romo has a pen he stole from the trial, and stabs the Marine all to hell before he can gun down Kara. He grabs his shades back immediately, and Kara -- I guess tired after all the badassery, in both this episode and her lifetime -- mews pathetically for his help. He says no, pointing out that the mutiny has gotten so out of control that some of them attempts on him and his "penpal" were from his own side, and heads away. She grunts to herself, heartbroken and losing strength with every breath, and at the last second Romo... Dramatically decides to help. Wow, I guess.

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