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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

1435 and we're reporting ten ships that followed Roslin's orders to kill their FTL drives. (So again, one-third of the Fleet is still with her. All this has happened before...) Narcho starts to bitch about her, but Felix makes lemonade: "No, she did us a favor. Now we're clear who's with us and who's trouble. Gage, give the jump coordinates only to those ships that kept their FTLs online. Order them to jump immediately." Wow, dude. You really are just going to blind-jump into nowhere, aren't you?

"You six people who are left, that went along with our mutiny? You six people are awesome. Rapists, racists, murderers, insane bomber terrorists, good to see ya. Conner and Seelix? Good people, I'm proud to have you with me. Who needs Earth with a Douche Patrol like we got going here? Yeah! Now, I know many of you had loved ones on those ten ships, and all our food was there, but trust me: this next part is going to be great. ...Hmm? What's that? Oh, no. No plan of any sort. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that: we have no frakking clue what we're supposed to do now. I was just really pissed off. See, my leg got shot in this other mutiny -- not a great, awesome one like this, but a tiny, bitchy one -- and then my BFF shot herself in the head, and Gaius stopped returning my calls, and I became a heroin addict, then my bisexual college robot fling from New Caprica turned out to be a serial killer, and it turned out I knew that? Sort of."

"Oh, and plus, remember Earth? Yeah, right? Awkward! Then I broke up with my boyfriend for no reason, and then -- worst of all -- no matter how many times I stomped my feet -- um, foot -- and whined, people kept acting like there was a possible future, or that being kind to other people was a good idea. Fuckers. So... Yeah, that's about it. Not really a plan, per se, but at least our jump drives are still shitty and one-third as powerful as they could be, and I think all seven of us can agree that that's a good thing. Could you pass me the nothing? I'm sort of hungry."

He asks Narcho, more quietly, to get Bill's execution happening; Narcho's sad, because Bill's compassion toward the Cylon -- both real and trumped-up -- puts him between a rock and a hard place, w/r/t to his racism. But hey, he goes through with it. Zarek walks up and he and Felix are all prickly with each other. Felix stomps off to have himself a good long cry in the Admiral's quarters before continuing this total debacle. At 1447, Kelly ducks away from the Marine contingent Narcho's leading to the airlock, wobbles a second, and then runs to the Hall of Remembrance. He brings a gun to his mouth, surrounded by all the pilots he sent into death, but immediately tosses it away and begins to cry. What do you do when you can't get out?

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