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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

Chief crawls past a toilet, choking. Lee shakes Kelly in the Hall, shouting at him. You can hardly hear Kelly when he tells Lee they're about to shoot his father. He picks him up, this gigantic man, and shoves him against the bulkhead, screaming. Tigh pulls him off, and they head for the hangar deck. Kelly shivers, and follows, and that's three humans in the posse -- if you don't count Kara or Hera, and I wouldn't -- out of nine. And now that Kara and Sam are out of commission, that means that this posse, which is about to rescue the Fleet from its own complicated suicide, is more than half Cylons, counting the Chief. Aid and comfort indeed.

Bill stands in the launch tube in a white blindfold, white square on his chest; Felix orders the execution detail and they fire, but it's just a dream. Of Gaius', who suddenly gets afraid for Bill. He's in bed with Lida, of course, because the Cylons don't drink wine and this is the only thing that chills him out. He feels sick, but she calms him, her mouth on his neck and chest, and he relaxes back, into it. Then, of course -- and let's be grateful nobody got beat up or sexually humiliated this time -- he has a huge epiphany and she sits there like a limp leggy blonde sex doll, saying nothing of import. Thank God for Tricia Helfer, who can even turn this random excursion into something interesting. She whines that she wants to make him feel better, and he says the best way to do that is to cut off his legs, which earns him a great WTF look.

"I ran... again. I disappeared in the nick of time... Again." Lida smiles sweetly and assures him, with that smile the Sixes do when explaining human brain chemistry to humans, that fear makes people behave differently. "I didn't run out of fear. Not this time, anyway. I ran away from those people. God, those people. I've got a kind of following on Galactica, like a fan club? Publicly I humor them..." She smiles. "Privately, I scorned their provincial intellects. Their unfailing willingness to make me feel better." Her smile falls for a second, because he just called her a retard. That's literally what he did:

Lida: "I want to make you feel better."
Gaius: "Thanks. On another note, though, you know who fucking sucks? People who want to make me feel better. They are so stupid and soulless and beneath me. Know what I mean?"

Lida: "Thank God you're cute. You know I snap necks, right? Just like this. Don't even have to think about it. Just click, snap and you're done. So you wanna run that the motherfuck by me again?"
Gaius: "Sorry, what? I wasn't listening. I just realized my whole pathology is pathetically Peter Pan and I only want what I can't have, and then I don't want it anymore once I get it, so I'm constantly begging for attention and love from the people least likely to give it, like Laura Roslin and that. I'm just repeating the neurotic patterns of my unhappy childhood and constantly working toward getting the useless acceptance and approval of people I know for a fact are beneath me. See, like even now: the only friend I have in the universe is Galen Tyrol, and he thinks I'm just ridiculous, and I think he's real dumb, but we love each other. Silently, from across the room, without ever talking about it: that's what I'm subsisting on these days. That, and rusty trombones from batshit cult members. It's rough."

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