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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

Lida: "Hmm? Sorry, I was just thinking about babies and God and shit."
Gaius: "Yeah, well. Look, I want you to look me in the eye because I am being very noble. My eyes are telling you that I know you're deeply in love with me, despite having met me four uneventful minutes ago, but my mouth is saying I must leave, though it pains me deeply."
Lida: "You're really cute when you're self-obsessed and putting on airs."
Gaius: "Yeah, well. You're cute when you're naked. I both hate and love women more than anything in this world."
Lida: "That's what I was just thinking about humans. Crazy!"
Gaius: "I wish that I had been breastfed, or of a taller stature, because sometimes my issues are so transparent you have to look at them through a hole in a paper plate so you don't burn your eyeballs. Mostly I wish that Caprica Big Pharma had invented Adderall before the Cylon holocaust. I really think things would have gone very differently."

Lida: "What's this really about?"
Gaius: "Well, I just realized that the only person who ever loved me -- that also deserved any amount of my respect -- is in deep, deep trouble."
Lida: "This is that gay shit, right? Caprica Six told me about this. God."
Gaius: "It's not gay. He's gay, but we're not gay together."
Lida: "Gaius, I'm a robot and I know that's even gayer than actually being gay. And what's wrong with a little brojob now and then? Nobody has to know."
Gaius: "Okay, now I really do have to go. Will I see you again?"
Lida: "Probably not. I'm practically imaginary as it is."
Gaius: "Too bad. Your hair is adorable."

He closes eyes and opens them, playing at nobility: "I have to go back. I have to go back, they're my responsibility." She smiles: that part, she understands. And at 1502, his dream comes true. Narcho watches, heartbroken, as they tie Bill to the chair, and he strides back toward the squad, and Bill spits onto the floor. They settle in, and wait for the order. They'll wait a long, long time.

At 1524, Laura cuts across all freqs again, like the voice of God: "Galactica, this is President Laura Roslin. Release all those being held against their will, and return command of this Fleet to Admiral William Adama. Surrender! You have five minutes!"

On CIC, Zarek stares around, looking for Felix. Felix is stumbling around The Admiral's quarters, unbalanced, weeping and sick. He stares at the pips on the desk, knows he doesn't deserve them; he refuses to sit in the chair, no matter how tired he gets. He's not an Admiral, he's not even a Commander. He's the Watch. He is broken. He says goodbye. He holds the Admiral's phone to his head, like a gun. He never could have done this on the bridge. Not with everyone looking. "Lieutenant Allison. Carry out the execution."

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