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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

"No. Not now, not ever. Do you hear me? I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eyeteeth to end you." The Six on the bridge is moved by the war in her; by her absolute certainty. "I swear it! I am coming for all of you!"

1528. Felix points out that Zarek has just elected himself both Adama and Roslin, in one fell swoop. "And how would you have answered her? If you'd been here," Tom sniffs. The Baseship arms itself. Laura Roslin has just declared war on humanity, from the helm of a Cylon Basestar. Her own death, she's made a place for. But Bill Adama? Frak that. No way. She won't let his ship be overrun by rats. Felix gages the FTL to spinning, and a Marine forces one of the bridge officers to set her boards green, at gunpoint. "There's been enough killing. I'm leaving them behind. Unless you object?" Zarek doesn't answer Felix, just stares.

Chief runs down some stairs, and finally arrives at the jump drives. Tory and Felix have both offered to separate the Fleet further, now; without Dualla to call everyone home the Chief's going to have to do the bloody, dirty work of keeping things stable. Adama's posse is awesome, heading down the corridors toward CIC; more and more people join, from all sides, as Galen tries to get into the jump systems. Laura continues to broadcast her demands for surrender; Galen's denied access, and he goes after the beast itself, with his bloodied hands. The board is green, the count begins. The Posse comes closer and closer. Everyone on the Baseship -- plus Tom Zarek -- stares, and waits for Felix next move. Chief finally pries the panel open, and pulls out an essential part of the engine. A small thing, but a large one. His hands are covered in blood as he roots in her.

"But there comes a time when you realize that the engine you've built with your blood and your sweat and your tears is being used for something so foul, so perverted that it makes you sick in your heart. And it's then that you must throw your body on the gears and on the levers and on the machine itself and make it stop. And you have to show the people who run it, the people who control it, that unless we're free, that machine will be prevented from working at all."

He was a revolutionary, too. FTL goes offline, and Zarek begins barking orders. For Felix, it's like a sign from the Gods. A last-minute reprieve from irreparable damage to the whole of humanity. Zarek screams, and screams -- "Gaeta, launch your birds. Gaeta, wake up. What the frak are you doing? Launch your birds! Gaeta, Gaeta! We have to defend, do you understand that? Do you understand? Gaeta, we need to defend!" Tim stops. Like Laura in the jump, like Gaius and Saul in the exquisite moment of their breakdowns. "One day soon, there's gonna be a reckoning." Hours ago, Bill said it. Days ago, he said it to Starbuck. It feels like years. The gun batteries fix on the Basestar, and still he doesn't move. Zarek screams. "Gaeta, what the frak is wrong with you? Wake up!" That's what he's doing.

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