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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

It's just like post-industrial England: what now? What next? Everything is broken. And the mutiny still doesn't have their And Then Whats in place either. They're just committing ontological war on fate, expressing rage without going anywhere. The smartest kind of warfare is the kind where you become the enemy, love the enemy until the crinkly edges of complexity are all that are left. Even as the Cylons were splitting like the atom bomb, clustering around the little pockets of Gaius's taint, Laura was hardening into something scarier than the Cylon ever were, and that is a good thing. One nation, under the stars: The only good thing to come out of the revolution this time is the disbanding of the Quorum, and they manage to fuck that one up impressively too.

So how do you take these three kinds of people, the emergent aristocracy and the terrified victims of the holocaust and the clueless robots still growing out of their training bras, and attempt to stay alive until Cavil comes to push them all into action? By finding a new idea, by constructing a new Lie if that's what it takes. So much of this episode is about naming: who's the Admiral, who's the Commander, who's the President, who and what will the Cylon choose to be. Only Bill (and Kara, though she comes at it from a freaky angle right now) understands that actions define us, and actions can happen. The future waits to be written, and the shock they're all in means waiting for something else to nudge you back into place so that you can act.

Adama's last act was to invite the 268s into a glorious future he hadn't written yet, and now he's been cockblocked from sketching out the rest of the story, from building the new Will to Meaning for everybody, to get everybody out alive like any good Adama tries to do. Can Adama be the Lie he used to be? Can he rally the tatters? If he dies, can Laura build a world around his memory? If he lives, can he talk the people into remembering there's a future? He spends this episode like the cat in the box, neither living nor dead, and we're right back at depression, the way you get out of it alive: can you commit yourself to that half-future long enough, on faith, to find your way out of the maze? Can you forget Christmas and Easter, the way Cally and Dee forgot to do, and have faith in the end of the story? Stop waiting and move forward into light.

Tory and Six are freaked because they're being attacked, and Laura tells them they're not: it's her they're firing at. Tory's hilarious: "What did you do?" Awesomely, though, this is like the one time when Laura did nothing at all. All she did was get dressed up and kiss him goodbye. The pilot Eight explains that the government has lost its shit, and Laura pfffts this notion, but Gaius's dead eyes tell another story. "Excuse me, how would you describe it, Madame President? Adama is a fugitive. Gaeta has an army, and Zarek has control of Colonial One... The last time we saw Adama, he was cornered in an air lock with Colonel Tigh." Nothing untrue, nothing the Cylon don't really need to know, but of course stated in a way calculated to get the most under her skin.

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