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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

A Two worries that the mutineers are more powerful than she's letting on, and she brings up Hotdog. The Eight confirms that Hotdog was too nice/dumb to kill them, but that Narcho obviously didn't have the same qualms. Tory explains the obvious, that if the Fleet is useless and getting more and more dangerous, and her entire country is now one ship with missiles pointed at it, carrying the two largest Prophets/Presidents/Public Enemies in the history of any Exodus... Frak the Fleet. Tory -- who after all has more experience in public policy than any of the real Cylons, and the advantage of being a religious icon -- has assumed authority on the Basestar.

I'm impressed by the way Tory is used in this episode: not too mean, not irrational, but also not that interesting yet. Both she and Sam are chess pieces in this episode, in the best way. She's the President now, of the 268, and she learned at the knee of the best there ever was. Wisdom and pragmatism from Laura, passion and charisma from Gaius. She's slept beside two Presidents and two Prophets. For a year, all she had was Tory/Laura lockdown. It kept Hera alive, it kept humanity alive. She lost her identity in a nebula, and found it again on Earth; Laura reclaimed hers on this very Basestar, listening to Hybrid music, and lost it again on Earth. When Tory said she wasn't taking orders anymore, she wasn't being bratty: she was being honest. Tory's no more and no less culpable for her hardness than Laura is, and if you hate one you probably hate the other, but that doesn't change the fact that she's doing the right thing: The Laura thing:

I believe we shall come to care about people less and less... The more people one knows the easier it becomes to replace them. It's one of the curses of London. I quite expect to end my life caring most for a place.

Six agrees with Tory, because of course Six is not interested in being vulnerable to anything, ever. Eight is unsure, because she loves humanity more than humanity does itself; because she hates conflict even more than humanity loves it; because to connect is all she ever wants: to love Sharon, to love Six, to love Boomer and Athena, to love humanity, to save Gaeta from his own hubristic naïveté, to DEMAND LOVE. And then there's Leoben, who only cares about two things, one of which turned to ashes in his hand, on that damned planet: the Final Four. What about them? "Tyrol, Anders, Tigh, they're still over there." Laura nods, taking the advantage, promises they'll never see their saints again if they jump. This gives them pause; she presses the bruise.

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