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Blood On The Scales

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Blood On The Scales

Felix and Tom argue about the Quorum, whom Zarek has brought with him to the site of the mutiny. "If you're insisting on the trial," Tom wishes they could just execute Adama without all the pomp and circumstance, without this existential ass-cover of a trial (mirroring the Cylon request for Gaius's signature on the Roslin/Zarek death order), but he knows you have to play Felix a certain way. Felix needs everything a certain way, in the right context and sequence, in order to live through this: "We can't move on until people have answered for what they've done. Which begins with Adama. One world at a time, Tom." They pretend Felix is in charge here, but one of them doesn't know it's pretend.

1131 finds the Chief running gingerly through the halls of the ship; he scatters to a hiding place as they strong-arm Romo toward the mockery, and he asks if somebody will feed Jake. It's nice to be reminded of that, now, since Lee only gave him the revolutionary dog to humanize him, tie him to the world, give him someone else to care about; his decisions in this episode link back to that decision, in a way. I think without Jake he'd still be carrying around a cat in a box, and when it's time for his actions to dictate his character, I'd like to think that Lee's gift makes the difference. To connect the beautiful prose in Romo Lampkin with the dark passions alongside: "Without it we are meaningless fragments, half monks, half beasts, unconnected arches that have never joined into a man."

By 1148 the trial's begun. Felix worries about the Admiralty insignia in his hands, and Zarek charges Bill with treason, desertion, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and gross dereliction of duty. The punishment? Death by firing squad. Picturesque, which must appeal to Tom. Romo wonders what he's doing here, since he's not a great shot, and Zarek explains this is a court-martial, and Bill explains that they're looking for a pimp. (Nothing Laura, and Tory, didn't do throughout their administration, mind.) "Commander Gaeta will represent the people..." Zarek says, and Bill grunts: "Commander Gaeta?" Romo asks why, and Felix has no better answer than "for justice." Romo suggests that, should he pass, he will be killed by their thugs, and they're like, "Whatever, just do it." Zarek admits that he's also the judge, and Romo laughs at them.

Felix explains that the ships' captains that would normally lead a tribunal, if this were real, if any of this were really happening, "Are too busy protecting their vessels from the Cylon Baseship Admiral Adama welcomed into their Fleet." Bill instructs him to shove it up his ass, and Felix gets steely. He begins to read the charges, and Bill talks hilariously over him, doing his best Pissy Gaius "Butterfingers!" Baltar.

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