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The Truth About Reconciliation

Seelix is after blood: "Baltar signed death warrants, organized murder squads. He collaborated with the enemy from day one." Chief reminds her whose mockery of a trial this is, and Tigh doesn't see a "Godsdamned" difference between Gaeta and Gaius. "He's right," says Seelix. "A lot of people died because of them, Chief." Chief snaps shut. "Fine. Guilty."

Samuel Anders holds out his wife's dog tag. The ones she gave him on Old Caprica, as a promise. A ridiculous, impossible promise that came true. "Remember this? I don't want this anymore." He walks away and she says his name softly. He comes back, and she kisses him tenderly goodbye. As fucked up as this is, I'm kinda proud of her. I don't know how bad it got during the year on New Caprica, with her and Lee, but I do know what we have seen between them, and face it, "Let's both get out of this before I tear your eyes out" is a huge, huge step for her to make, compared to hate-fucking and the usual stuff. She slept with Gaius Baltar, for Christ's sake. Let's give her a little credit. So this kiss goodbye ends up sweet, even though it's a PTSD case getting a divorce so she won't kill her husband, right before she heads into her secret cabal where they hand out secret death sentences based on little to no evidence. (Compare to Ellen and Saul when she died; same vibe.) She leaves him standing in the corridor, illuminated, and goes back to the darkness of the Circle.

Later, Seelix and Connor march Gaeta -- head in a bag -- to a launch bay. "Turn around! On your knees. On your knees!" screams Connor, and rips tape off his mouth. "Felix Gaeta, you've been tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity by a circle of your peers, as duly authorized by the President of the Colonies." And that's how Seelix kicks it to commercial. For the third time running.

"If you have any words to offer in your own defense, now is the time." Chief begs him to speak, and Connor "begs" him to speak, nastily asking to hear the story about how "hiding behind Baltar's skirt" was actually Gaeta's way of "helping the insurgency." Barclay orders him to say something, and he grits his teeth and shows them what insurgency actually looks like. "What's the point? I already tried to explain it. I'm not gonna beg." Tigh tells him it's too bad he didn't "grow that spine four months ago," unnecessary, and he stares up at them. Seelix and Barclay turn away. Kara...does not: "Beg." She begins to kick him. "Beg! Beg! Beg!"

Felix Gaeta sat up there in Colonial One and didn't save her. Twenty-four hours a day, the only thing we know for sure is that he didn't save her. It's the one thing he did constantly for four months. And that's not really the problem here, because Kara Thrace's mother was a bad woman, and she hurt people smaller than herself. And Kara grew up and was so hard, and so fast, and so strong, and such a good Pilot and such a good shot that nobody could ever make her feel small again. And then somebody came along that was harder and faster and stronger than her, and she learned what it was like to be small again. Powerless. And they gave her a little Kacey, that looked just like her, as a little girl, and she told Kacey she was sorry, and that she loved her, and that she would always protect her. That she wouldn't betray things or hurt people just because they were smaller than herself. And then they took Kacey away too, and she remembered that she was always going to be smaller than somebody. And now Gaeta's on his knees, refusing to beg. So he needs to be smaller.

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