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The Truth About Reconciliation

"Beg! Beg! Beg!" Tigh tries to stop her: "Thrace," but she shrugs him off. "No! Beg. Come on, Felix. Tell 'em how you were actually working for the Resistance the entire time. Come on! Tell 'em all about the important information that you were giving up. Tell 'em about all the messages, and the dog bowl, and everything else. Just tell me about... " Chief pulls her off, finally. "What did she just say? What did you say to her? Tell me. What did you say to her?" Gaeta shrugs. "There was a yellow dog bowl. It was a signal. It meant there was a message in the garbage dump. I turned it over. It was a signal. And then there was a message in the garbage dump." Chief whips out a box cutter, praying to the Gods. Tigh's astonished, Kara's sickened. "You were wondering who the source was, Colonel. There's no other way he could've known. He's the only other one that would know about it. He's the reason we know about the death lists. He's the reason I saved Cally." (Aw, man. She's getting credit for this shit?) "He's the reason we're on this ship. He's the one who gave us the inside information. There's our source, Colonel." Gaeta stands. "I did what I could. I don't know what else I could've done." What you could is the exact same amount anybody else ever gave. Don't stress out. He leaves, they go fuck themselves. Kara takes off pissed, and the rest of the Circle just kind of disintegrate.

In Colonial One, Adama demands to know what the hell the Circle was about. "It's all perfectly legal," explains Zarek. "You'll find a signed executive order on file authorizing a secret jury of six men and women to try, sentence, and execute people guilty of extraordinary crimes while collaborating with the enemy in a time of war. There's also a death warrant with my signature for every conviction." Adama calls an end to Zarek's presidency with a quickness. "Your presidency is a farce." Roslin makes an appeal to Zarek's sense of fairness and democracy, reminding him of due process and the right to a jury trial. (It would be so weird if this were about Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, a thousand other atrocities. Wouldn't that just be so weird?) "They have a jury. But they don't get lawyers. They don't get to showboat for weeks and months on end. They don't get to blame the system and they don't get lasting fame as martyrs or innocent people just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They just disappear." That's so beautiful I just voted Republican in my boxers.

"Now," Zarek continues, "in the gray twilight between the long night of the Occupation and the dawn of a new era, you come into office clean, without their blood on your hands." Which, compelling. I'm so confused now. Are secret trials and war crimes like Zarek's version of flirting? That is so hot. "That's very poetic," Roslin stutters. "However." (Here we go! I love the Roslin "however" marker.) "You have a problem, Mr. President. Everyone by law is entitled to a trial with representation. Everyone. It is not an option to be discarded at the president's whim." He asks if she's honestly thinking she'll get justice by going public. "Come on, Laura. You're not that naive. Let me tell you what's gonna happen if these cases go to trial. It'll consume this Fleet for months, maybe years. People will be lining up to testify against their neighbors. It'll be a circus -- an entertainment for the mob. And you'll be signing death warrants almost every day. Is that how you wanna spend your next term, Laura? As executioner-in-chief?" She smiles sadly and turns away, totally grossed out, caged in, boxed up. He's right.

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