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The Truth About Reconciliation

Jammer jerks his head to Chief, his old boss. "I helped people. I helped lots of people...Chief -- Chief! Chief, I helped Cally. I saved Cally. I saved Cally." He flashes back to the heroic saving of Cally and stumbles over his words. "I'm the one who let her go when they were gonna shoot her. I took her out of line and I said, 'Go! Run right now!' And she did. She ran and she got away, because of me, Chief. I helped Cally. I saved Cally." He doesn't make sense when he talks anymore. Just words. Chief's like, "Yeah, she did somehow get away from the band of secret police and huge chrome robots with guns for hands, didn't she?" But then he loses the train of thought (lobotomy!) and Connor jumps into the gap: "They killed 23 people during the Temple raids! Twelve men, eight women, and three children. Children! My son is on this list. His name is right there. And that frackin' son of a bitch put him there. So saving Cally -- if that happened -- does that make up for killing my son?" That wouldn't make up for selling your son, dude.

Tigh's like, answer the question, Chief. But like, what's he going to say? It's rhetorical and stupid. Chief crouches with Jammer, his old subordinate, whom he's known forever, and shows him the list. "Did you kill these people?" (Maybe there were a lot of Temple massacres and this is a different one? I'm confused.) "Answer me," he whispers, and Jammer talks crazy some more about how it was nuts on the surface: "You make these decisions so fast. You're making an arrest, and people come out with their hands up. But sometimes it's just a trick. They tell you they're surrendering and then they open fire. We thought they were insurgents. It wasn't till after we saw the bodies. What was I supposed to do?" Chief crumples the list and stands up again, addressing the Circle. Does saving Cally make up for it? "No, it doesn't." Seelix continues, "Under the Articles, the punishment for treason is death. Sentence confirmed and carried out on this, the third day of the second Exodus." Jammer whispers, "Oh, Chief," and screams, "I'm sorry!" Anders just wants to get it over with. Get what over with?

The Circle leaves Jammer, James Lyman, Captain of the disbanded New Caprica Police, kneeling on the floor of the launch tube. The airlock closes behind them. He screams, panics, rushes the glass, stares at them on the other side. Pleads. He is beautiful. They can't even hear him. Connor hits the launch tube door, and Jammer is sucked out into space. Connor croaks, "My son. Kevin. He was only seven years old." Barclay comforts him -- they've all been together since the first holocaust, stuck on Caprica together. "Connor, let's go." She leads him away. Anders is hurting. "This isn't what I signed up for." But I guess it's not hurting him enough yet.

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