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The Truth About Reconciliation

In the refugee barracks on Galactica, looks like, the Chief joins his wife, who starts awake. "Am I on watch?" No. Chief takes the baby and looks down at his wife. "Cally? When you were down on their planet, you ran away from the trucks. Did anybody help you? One of the NCP goons or...anybody?" She shakes her head. "What? No." (Whatever, bitch. I don't have anything to say about that, beyond this: are lobotomies contagious? You don't remember that there was a guy in a ski mask who cut off your handcuffs and told you to run, moments before you were shot by giant robots? That part is a little fucking fuzzy for you? How about the fact that you've known Jammer forever, and that no ski mask is so incredibly deceitful that you wouldn't realize it was Jammer? This isn't even Cally-bashing right now: I'm legitimately confused. Because either the acting is fracked or the script is, and with Cally that's always the question, isn't it. So I don't know. Either Cally's making a choice here, a really ugly and petty and resentful one -- which: wouldn't that be something? -- or the actor thinks that Cally's just sleepy and confused about shit, which...makes no sense. Or else I've been right all along, and Cally actually is just a high-functioning mentally retarded adult, which means Chief got a retard pregnant, and also that he hits retards. And I'm not totally enjoying Chief right now, but that is way harsh.)

"... Wait. Yeah. Somebody told me to run. It probably was one of those goons. I haven't thought about it since." See, I think that she's doing this on purpose, but then it is so not involved in the acting at all. Where was the director this day? Did he understand the script at all? Did anybody on set have any thoughts at all on this bullshit? "... Hey, how did you know about that?" Which, again: these are the words of a woman with an agenda, but she's saying it like she's just so yawny and sleepy and doesn't want to deal with this. "I mean, why do you ask?" I'm going to have to go with poor acting choices this round. I hate to say it, but there it is: it's disheartening, in that I have no grudge against the actor, but also because that means the writers want her to be even more sneaky and classless and small and mean than the actor is capable of dealing with. Gross. Chief's like, nothing, never mind. "Go back to sleep." She's like, "Okay," and then she...rolls over and just goes to sleep like nothing happened, except something obviously happened. I cannot fucking deal with her.

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