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The Truth About Reconciliation

The Circle. "The charges are carrying arms for the enemy in a time of war, shooting three civilians, and collaboration with the enemy. I call the vote." They vote unanimously to murder her: a lady named Chadwick, currently aboard the Monarch. Barclay tells them she'll take care of it with her people there. Anders asks if anybody has a cigarette -- because when you've spent a year soaking up rads in a nuclear strike zone, what you should do is throw the finger at cancer -- and Chief asks how many more they've got to get through. Fifty-seven, Barclay confirms. Fifty-seven secret trials, and only three days to get them done. "We all knew there was a clock when we signed on," says Tigh roughly, which means there's something not connecting here. There's official sanction from somewhere, with three days to work with...God-DAMN it, Tom Zarek. You moron! This is worse than the black market! "Most of these fracks are so guilty they stink," spits Connor. "I could get through 50 of these things in an hour." Um, cool? Tigh slams his head into the table, drawing very fine, very specific lines around the morality of this. "You think we're a bunch of thugs [yes] handing out punishment on a whim [totally]? Jammer didn't get airlocked because you thought he was guilty [actually he was, or else you'd be doing this in public]. There was evidence. He was tried and convicted by this Circle [and not a government body]. This is about justice. You got that? Justice!" Nope, nope, nope. This is vigilantism. Which doesn't really bother me, but it goes back to the robot rape debate, which is: why are you doing it? Are you doing it to preserve the safety of the Fleet somehow? To punish your enemies? Or are you doing it because somebody else entirely took your eyeball, your wife, your loved ones? Revenge isn't justice no matter how many times you say it. I like Tigh, but this time he's wrong. There are systems in place. There is a government and elected body of officials, there are courts and courts martial. This is personal, and that's guns in the Temple. Connor, shaken, is like, okay, dude. Tigh apologizes, saying he likes Connor and Connor's a good guy, and then calls the next case. Seelix: "Felix Gaeta. Charges are collaborating with the enemy and crimes against humanity." Chief's face gets worried; everybody stares at everybody else.

"I don't wanna do this. Do you think I like it? I stood beside Gaeta in the CIC for almost four years," Tigh says. "He was like family. But the fact remains he was chief of staff to Gaius Baltar. And that alone is enough to convict him." How so? Anders says they have zero hard evidence on Gaeta: "No witnesses -- nothing. All we do know is that he worked for Baltar. That's it." But Sam, didn't you just hear Tigh make up new laws about how that's enough to convict him? Just now this very second? Chief balks too: "We need something specific." Tigh goes, "You want specific?" And then takes a long time getting there, claiming that Baltar wasn't in charge of anything in particular, that Gaeta was totally the brains and ran the government. "Everyone knew that," Tigh says. "He ran the operation." Which is totally true, except for how you have to trade the name "Gaeta" for "the Cylons." Which "everybody" also knows, and which has the advantage of being true. "He did the paperwork. He approved the death lists," Tigh says. Chief asks how he can know that. "Did you see him approve one single death list?" Tigh produces a distribution list with Cally's name on it and also Gaeta's. I don't know where that came from, unless it's a cc: situation, because I remember quite clearly the day that Gaeta saw this particular list, and wigged out. I think there's something I don't get here, because the facts aren't lining up. Anders says whatever it says, it's still circumstantial. "We don't know what Gaeta did or didn't do when he saw that list." (Throw a wild hissy, is what he did.) Barclay sides with the crazies, surprising Anders. "No, Sam. You see a death list like that, you know innocent people are gonna die, and you do nothing about it? He's guilty." Connor calls the question. Seelix: "The question of the innocence or guilt of Felix Gaeta has been called. The Circle will vote. I vote guilty." Connor and Tigh and Barclay vote guilty. Anders gets up to leave: "Don't bother. I'm done." Seelix is like, "We're voting," but Anders clarifies that he's done with the Circle. "War's over for me, I'm sorry." Neat. I like Sam. Connor waves it off and tries to get back to the vote. "Still four to none, Chief... " and then Jean Barclay steps in, protesting that they need six votes. Conner's not feeling it, but Chief sides with her. "No, screw you! We're a jury. That's how it was set up. We need six votes. We don't have six votes, I'm out too." Tigh agrees. But besides the people that weren't radicalized enough by the occupation and mistreatment itself, and the people who were up in the Fleet the whole time, who's a cast regular that's fucked up enough and angry enough and got hurt enough down there to...oh.

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