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The Truth About Reconciliation

Meanwhile, Raiders are swarming around Gaius's basestar, and inside a Centurion steps out of the room with all the deference a nine-foot chrome CGI robot can muster, to allow Three to enter. In a white Marilyn dress, looking FLY. "How are you, Gaius?" Still alive, he grumps. She grins secretively and hands him some pills, then sits down near him on the whore couch. He stands up pissily. "You'll have to excuse me, I'm slightly confused. How long have I been here exactly?" Three days. "So it's taken you three days to remember where I was?" As he takes the pills, Three tries to explain. "No one's forgotten you, Gaius. It's just there's been some controversy about whether or not you should've been let on board or not." He hisses that his value is unquestionable, and she writhes on his couch awesomely: "There'll always be a question. You are a human." Gaius falls into his usual trap of thinking he has a pot to piss in. "Now look, I helped you! I gave you Sharon's child." Three's like, word -- and thanks -- but also what I just said. "The child's rescue did weigh in your favor." (Briefly: that word "rescue" just clicked. The kid's half-Cylon. You tell me the moral difference between Laura Roslin kidnapping Hera and hiding her on New Caprica, and what Three's done here. Just because A is an asshole doesn't mean B is blameless, and I'm seeing a lot of that around these parts lately.) "However, the vote's deadlocked. Three in favor of your being allowed to stay, and three against. With one model still undecided." She practically winks at him, inappropriately: "The fact is, the decision rests with the Sixes." She watches for his reaction, which is decidedly: vomit-y.

Lee brings reports of "missing persons" to Adama's office, where Adama suddenly and spontaneously exposits all over everything that we apparently "left thousands of people on that planet." (Thousands? Really? In a rescue op coordinated by Tory Foster? Doubtful. Maybe "left" as in buried, but not thousands stranded. The whole point of the rescue was that Adama was like, "I'm not going to do that a fifteenth time. I have already left huge batches of humanity to their doom sixty-seven times today. This eighty-ninth time, I cannot do it.") Lee explains, this is people who specifically were survivors but have disappeared since the Second Exodus. "Jammer, for instance." Adama says he saw him as latterly as yesterday afternoon. "Yeah, but he didn't report at muster this morning, bed check negative, sickbay negative. It's like he just vanished." Total of 13, two on Galactica and 11 elsewhere in the Fleet: "Every one of them confirmed as a survivor by multiple witnesses and then poof! Gone." (Adama's like, "Oh my God, have we located Cally?" and he grabs his gun and Lee has to tackle him before he gets on the damn phone himself if that's what it takes.) Adama tells him to keep him posted, and Lee runs off: "I have a date with a jump rope." (Come! On! She's not that bad! I actually really like her this season! ... What? Oh, right. Just another intro to a fat joke. Sorry.) Bill stares at his fat-ass son and Lee gets defensive, making up a whole new system of weights and measures: "Hey, I've dropped half a stone!" Adama tells him to keep jumping, and Lee manages to leave without telling him to go to hell.

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