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The Truth About Reconciliation

Anyway, that was just particularly glaring just now. Basestar. Baltar wakes and his eyes slowly clear, revealing a Six staring sadly down at him. Caprica. "Whatever feelings I had for you have to stop. I allowed my feelings to cloud my judgment. I protected you. I gave your species a second chance. I even turned against a sister Cylon, and for what? I'm Cylon, Gaius. Somehow I lost sight of that." He stands up and stares at her. "You are much, much more than a machine. You're a person. A real person. A woman. And you're in love with me. And it hurts. I know it hurts." He starts crying. This is weird. Too many resonances with Gina and POW stuff that I don't think is intended. Too much begging, whereas we know the second she dumps him, Chip Gaius is going to start smarming around and pouring her martinis again. That was awesome. "But believe me, I am the only one that can make it better. Don't you see? I am the only one." So...does he actually think she's Gina? That's Gina talk. It perverts the entire Gina thing, actually. Which you'd think would be hard. "No, this has to end," says Caprica, and walks to the door. But here's the thing: she's the swing vote. If Caprica joins the Sixes, and the Sixes vote against the Eights (I'm guessing) and Threes, that's 4-3 against, and he's dead. Spaced. So at some point during his girly screaming, it stops being about love and starts being about survival. (Which, explain the difference to a narcissist; I doubt he knows how fast his mind is working right now.) "You need me. You need me! Admit it! Admit that you need me." He tries to follow her out, and Centurions block his door. And the argument shifts again, this time to fear and something you might mistake for love: "And I need you too! Did you hear me? I need you too." He turns back to his room and mumbles to himself: "Maybe I should've started with that." Oh, Gaius. Oh, boys.

Circle. "It's a jury," Tigh explains to the new member. "I wanna make that clear. It's not about settling scores or personal grudges. It's a jury." Chief continues: "We're just dealing with the worst of the worst. People that did more than put on an NCP uniform or make a deal with the Cylons." (That is the darkest humor ever: "We killed Ellen and Jammer the other day, as a warm-up, but now we're going after the real bad guys." That's intentional and brilliant, wording it that way.) "They're the killers," crazies Barclay all over the place. "The real traitors." Starbuck is like, but none of this is legal, right? Not that she'd have a problem with it, at all -- that's clear -- but she's getting her footing. "No, no," Chief insists. "It's legal." (Llllllllllllllllllllobotomy!) Seelix hands over the "death order" that Gaeta apparently invented, dictated to himself, typed up for himself, signed off as a notary public, and then carried out. On the people that are still alive. "You gotta be kidding me!" Kara snorts, and they have her. Just like that. Using Kara's captivity, which clearly they're all aware she was detained and not in the usual way, is worse than guns in the Temple. Girlfriend is unhinged. They don't any of them get a pass on this one. Gross me the fuck out.

"That's why we need to know right now," says Tigh. "Are you in or out?" She clears her throat. "In." He lets her study the kangaroo evidence before kangaroo court comes back into kangaroo session, but Kara's stuck on the huge lie part they all want so desperately to believe: "You telling me that Gaeta saw this list and didn't do a damn thing about it?" Yes, even though it's a fantasy. Well, not "telling" exactly, more like "presenting you with circumstantial evidence and hoping you see red." "We have no idea of knowing what Gaeta did or did not do when he saw the list," Chief says hurriedly, because this is totally totally legal and a really good idea except for how his stupid wife managed to just remember that he murdered Jammer the other day, but other than that it's all rules and regs from here on out. Lobotomy! ("In other words," Cavil explains -- and it's a good explanation for something that's always confused me, complete with air-quotes -- "they're worried what 'God' might think if they commit murder: they're covering their existential asses." Speaking of this very death order, and all.)

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