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Colonial One. Apollo tells the Prez that they haven't been able to prove that Valance was working for Zarek. He urges her to send the Sagittaron delegation back to their ships as a safety measure. The Prez says, "Can't do that. It violates their civil rights -- plays right into Zarek's hands." Apollo argues that their could be another assassin on Cloud 9 who'll kill the Prez if Zarek becomes Vice-President. The Prez insists, "Zarek's not going to win, because I'm not going to let him." She tells Apollo to tap Zarek's phone and bug his room: "If you find anything that remotely connects Zarek to Valance, shut him down." Heh. You'll notice that the Prez isn't so much concerned with civil rights as she is with maintaining the appearance of civil rights. This isn't a world overpopulated with idealists, I'll say that for it.

Back in the auditorium, Gray is talking about domestic policies. Billy whispers to the Prez, "Latest vote count is seven for Gray, five for Zarek." The Prez frets that Zarek only had four votes an hour earlier. Billy says that Picon's delegate changed his vote. Or her vote. Whatever. As Gray explains that people with college degrees can apply to become teachers, Apollo strolls around to pay Zarek a visit. Apollo leans over and whispers, "Hi, how're you doing? Remember me? We got Valance and you're next." Exit Apollo. He's not so great with subtlety, is he? I was waiting for Zarek to pull out a microphone and scream that the Prez is using the military to intimidate people.

Instead, we go to the bar again. Ellen is looking around vapidly when Zarek offers to make her a drink. He's standing behind the bar, and Ellen jokingly asks if he works there. Zarek goes into his spiel about how he can't ask the bartender to do something for him when he can't repay the bartender with anything of value. Ellen gossips that Gray is winning the election at the moment. Zarek claims that he's happy with whatever the people decide. Ellen says that everyone has an agenda, and apparently hers is to provide some more exposition for new viewers. She explains that she just wants to make sure she and her husband have a secure place in the future. Zarek thinks that over before he nods and says, "I'm looking for a friend of mine. His name is Valance."

Valance sits, slumped over, in the storeroom or whatever it is. Apollo and Starbuck stare at him. Starbuck wonders how this happened, and Apollo says they have to go see the Prez. The camera moves down slowly to show that Valance's hands are dropping with blood. His own, just to be clear.

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