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Cloud 9. The Prez strolls through the park, her arm linked through Gray's. He asks what he's supposed to say, and the Prez offers, "Health reasons." Gray snorts. He turns to face her, and talks about how, before the attack, she was so polite and dignified. The Prez lowers her head briefly before looking at him. Gray says, "I never thought you'd fit in with the bare-knuckle, back-stabbing politicians. I guess I was wrong." He stomps off.

Some armored soldiers wave the Prez into a room full of round mirrors. The Prez pokes her head in and calls for Baltar. A toilet flushes, and Baltar steps out, zipping up his fly. My favorite thing in this scene might just be the piped-in Muzak. Moore mentions that the show may win some kind of award for all the scenes they set in bathrooms. The Prez meets a startled Baltar by the sinks and explains that she heard his interview: "You were very articulate, quite engaging." Baltar does his own version of the ever-popular head-tilt and thanks her. He washes his hands as he says that he was just trying to do his part, and adds that he's starting to get a feel for politics. The Prez confirms that Baltar won't be voting for Zarek. Baltar huffs, "Any man who uses their [sic] intelligence and resources to blow up a building doesn't get my vote, no." Ha! He says that he'll vote for Gray, adding, "Although he is really gray. --Tuh. He's great!" Good save. The Prez tells Baltar that Gray has dropped out. Baltar very agreeably asks whom she wants him to vote for in that case. The Prez answers, "I was thinking you." The Prez explains that she would be lucky to have Baltar's "intellect and [his] popularity" by her side. Baltar not at all bashfully agrees to run. The Prez does know how to work him, I must say. She smiles in a nicely skeptical away and leaves as Baltar calls a thank-you after her. Once she and the guards are gone, the bathroom stall opens and a disheveled Playa stumbles out. Heh. I thought it would be Six, so that was an amusing surprise. And I love how rumpled she is. Playa boggles and asks Baltar what he's going to do. Baltar smarms, "I'm gonna give you an exclusive." Playa makes an impressed face and goes back into the stall, followed by Baltar, who's already pulling his jacket off. Suddenly I like Playa, because the actress, Christina Schild, is really funny.

Galactica's crew's quarters. Starbuck, her hair wet, is sitting on the edge of the table, tying her boots, as Apollo strolls in wearing a towel. Starbuck frets that someone's going to try to kill the Prez, and Apollo figures that if he wins, Zarek will wait a while for people to forget about Valance. Starbuck is not reassured. A large portion of the viewing audience is distracted by the fact that Apollo is now pulling his pants on. I don't know; he's a good-looking guy, but he's just not my type. This scene did make me wonder if they cast a British actor so that he'd be pasty enough to look like he's been living on a spaceship for a while. Apollo reminds Starbuck that the Prez said she wouldn't lose the election. Starbuck harrumphs and takes her jacket out of her locker. There's blood or something splattered on the back of one shoulder, and Apollo asks if she's going to wash it. Starbuck wipes at the jacket with a towel and claims that she did. Then there's some stuff where she asks if he's complaining about her hygiene, and the point of all this is to give Starbuck an excuse to claim, "I clean up good sometimes." Apollo tells her to let him know when that happens. Moore says that this scene was added in because the episode was short, and that it was an attempt to bring the storylines together a little, and also to set up the "Starbuck in a dress" reveal. Told you!

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