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Let Baltar Be Baltar

Boomer dances with Gaeta. Sekou dances with Playa. Billy dances with Dualla. Tigh twirls Ellen, aw. Starbuck and Apollo are talking to Cally. Adama suddenly turns up and greets the Prez. She says, "I thought you hated these things." Adama says that it's Colonial Day, and he's a patriot. The Prez marvels, "You really are, aren't you?" Well, yeah. We go to a reverse shot which reveals that Starbuck is now dancing with Baltar. Just a little uncomfortably. Apollo is strolling away from them, looking beaten. Heh. Adama says that Baltar is an "interesting choice." The Prez explains, "I figured, the devil you know." Adama says that politics is as exciting and dangerous as war. The Prez extends the metaphor and I get a little bit bored, but eventually Adama leads the Prez out to dance.

On another part of the dance floor, Ellen tells Tigh that she has a surprise for him. She got them a luxury suite on the Rising Star for a day. Tigh asks how she managed that, but Ellen just says that she has her ways: "While you're there, you might wanna talk to a few people about your future." Tigh's all, "Wha?" and Ellen laughs and hugs him. Then she looks over to Zarek, who nods at her. Dun dun dunnn.

Caprica. Helo and Boomer are hiding just out of sight next to a landing strip. Or something. Boomer tries to take the opportunity for some final thoughts, but Helo says, "You don't have to say anything, I know." Boomer's like, "I really don't think you do, but okay." Helo insists that they'll make it. Kisses ensue, and a small ship lands and vrooms away, which is neat. As soon as it passes, Helo and Boomer jump out onto the strip.

And then Helo's edging out onto a ledge above a building facing a courtyard. I don't understand the geography, either; just go with it. The important part is that there's a courtyard and Helo's perched up above it. He looks down as a Six in a dark suit steps outside. Followed by a Six in a lab jacket. They talk quietly, and thank goodness I don't have to try to recap that. Up on the ledge, Helo waves Boomer out onto the ledge and points down at the boxcars. Then Helo waves Boomer back. Well, make up your mind, dude. The lab-coated Six walks away through the courtyard, and Helo keeps his gun aimed on her until she's out of sight. The suited Six goes back inside. And then another Boomer approaches the courtyard. Helo sees her. The new Boomer sees him as she turns to enter the courtyard. She starts to pull out a gun, and then she gets shot a few times and collapses. Helo looks around and sees Boomer lowering her gun. Helo takes a second to process the situation and then starts running. We get a little montage of his adventures on Caprica, highlighting his rescue, the lack of other humans, and Boomer's powers of endurance. Helo goes on running. Boomer chases, calling his name, but then she stops. Helo keeps going. Boomer looks upset, but upset like her dog ran away.

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