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Let Baltar Be Baltar

Astral Queen. Zarek's in the control room, broadcasting to the other ships. My completely random theory is that he's been doing a lot of these little fireside chats, which is why he's as popular as he seems to be now. I don't think I have any solid basis for that idea, but if he hasn't been doing that, someone should. They could do an episode about it and call it "Pump Up the Galactica." Or not. Zarek says that he's humbled by the honor, and promises, "I will be a voice for those who have gone too long unheard by a government that serves only the privileged and the powerful." Then he goes on about how the "winds of change" will blow everyone into a "new era" led by a "complete mentalist." Okay, he didn't say that last one.

As Zarek gets his revolution on, we cut back to Briefcase Guy, who's still playing around with his gun. He finally slips it into the briefcase, closes it up, and carries it away.

Credits. I like that the last shot of the blipvert episode montage is of Starbuck winking, because it looks so cute and friendly until you know what the context is.

Lab. Baltar fusses with his vials as Starbuck enters and tells him, "Our shuttle leaves for Cloud 9 at 05:12 tomorrow." Baltar is too confused to go for a double-entendre. Or maybe he's confused because he think Starbuck's making a double-entendre. Six peers out of a mirror and sneers, "A surprise getaway, just the two of you?" Starbuck toys with a vial as she explains that she'll be taking care of Baltar's security. Baltar nervously asks her to put the vial down, and then asks why he needs security. They're almost playing verbal tennis. Starbuck chuckles, "You haven't heard? It's all over talk wireless." Rhetorical question! She's not very good at this game. Baltar sniffs that the radio shows are just "low-brow rabble-rousing." Starbuck finally explains that Baltar is the Caprican delegate. As Baltar boggles, Starbuck adds, "Guess you got the super-genius vote. No accounting for taste." Exit Starbuck. Left to himself, Baltar grumbles, "Politics is the only thing more boring than blood samples." He whines about all the speeches and "dreary pomp" he'll be subjected to until Six cheers him up by mentioning the possibility of nubile political groupies. Baltar ponders that and tells Six, "When the people call, you must serve."

Back on the Cloud 9, Apollo and Starbuck are frolicking in the garden. Well, okay, Apollo's basking, and Starbuck's strolling about. For this show, that's damn frolicsome. Apollo remarks that the sun feels "almost like the real thing." The fake sunlight is a little worrying. It seems like that must take a lot of energy. But maybe it's just one of those sunlight lamps, only really, really big. I originally thought that it would be better if it were pseudo-night all the time in this garden, because if the dome were clear, they could have a gorgeous starry sky above them, and you'd still get the feeling of being outside. Plus, the idea is that this is a spaceship that people took long, expensive vacations on. It seems a little odd that people would pay a fortune to travel on a spaceship so that they could visit a cunning simulation of their local park. But then I remembered how bad the day-for-night shots look, and decided I was at peace with the fake sun after all. Where were we? Starbuck complains, "They could have done a better job with the horizon." Heh. She stares off, and beyond some trees there are hazy hills, against which the framework supporting the dome is visible. Ever whiny, Starbuck goes on about how hard it'll be to maintain security on the ship with the giant garden and all the visitors. Apollo strolls a few steps away while Starbuck sighs about that, and she takes the opportunity to pick up a hose that's lying on the ground. Apollo mentions the shaky political situation, which Starbuck hasn't been paying attention to. She asks why the Prez is allowing so many people to come. Apollo says, "I guess she thinks it's important for them to be able to observe how their government works." Starbuck snerks that "she's already running for reelection." Apollo turns, and Starbuck pulls out the hose and aims at him. Apollo raises his hands to surrender, and gets drenched, and then tries to wrestle the hose away from Starbuck while they both squeal and run around and horseplay ensues and suddenly I miss Young Americans even more than usual.

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