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Let Baltar Be Baltar

Zarek arrives at the reception line, and introduces himself to Tigh. Tigh greets him formally, but doesn't take Zarek's hand, and we hear cameras clicking. Zarek looks at Ellen, who introduces herself and makes a little show of taking Zarek's hand. More camera-flashes. Ellen chats for a moment about "all this pretension," before Tigh curtly says, "You're holding up the line. " Zarek thanks Ellen "for making [him] feel welcome," and moves on. As soon as Zarek's gone, Tigh asks his wife why she was so friendly. Instead of saying, "Because I suspect he has a penis, and that's all it takes," she answers, "To get our picture on the front page of every half-baked newsletter and photo service in the fleet." Tigh sniffs that he doesn't need to be photographed with a terrorist, but Ellen claims, "Roslin's the past and Zarek's the future. A blind man can see that."

Zarek reaches the end of the reception line, where the Prez is standing. They acknowledge each other, and Zarek grins as he asks, "If I were to offer you my hand in friendship, would you take it?" The Prez says there's only one way to find out. We see Playa among the reporters, watching tensely. Maybe a little too tensely. It's kind of silly, honestly. Zarek extends his hand, and the Prez quickly takes it and then leans in to kiss Zarek on each cheek. Zarek admits, "That was nicely played." The Prez thanks him, and Zarek insists that he's not her enemy before moving on.

Cut to the Quorum meeting, which is taking place in a big auditorium. The Prez is concluding her opening remarks, and talking about all the great things they're going to accomplish, and it's all clearly very important. You can tell by how dull it is. We see the various delegates looking delegated. Baltar has slumped over and is resting his head on his folded arms like a bored kid. Hee. Six taps him on the head with a pencil and says, "You're missing an intriguing opportunity. Playa's not wearing any underwear." Baltar scoffs. And then he puts his glasses on and peers across the room as Six adds that Playa's been watching him all afternoon. Playa's wearing a short skirt and has her knees primly together. She notices Baltar staring at her, and shifts as she crosses her legs. Baltar tells Six, "She's only human," which is funny in two ways. Six looks pretty amused, too, and Baltar suddenly asks if Six is jealous. Six says, "Love isn't about sex, Gaius." Baltar somewhat skeptically commends her enlightened attitude. Six assures him, "As far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember, I have your heart." Baltar unconvincingly agrees. Six has a nice touch of hysteria in her voice as she adds, "I can always rip it out of your chest if I need to." You know, I really like her. Baltar coughs, and then Six is gone and Baltar's rubbing his chest while I daydream about a line of Six-themed Valentine's Day cards.

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