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Let Baltar Be Baltar

The Prez has finally concluded her opening remarks, and asks if there are any objections before they move to accept the proposed agenda. Zarek raises his hand and announces that he has an objection. "Murmur murmur," everyone says. Zarek says that he thinks the agenda covers a lot of important issues, but that "the most critical issue of all is nowhere to be found." The Prez smiles and asks what that might be. Zarek says that they need to elect a Vice-President, because if anything happened to the Prez, "the civilian branch of our government would be paralyzed, leaving the door wide open for a military dictatorship." While Zarek goes on, Briefcase Guy walks through the audience. Zarek moves that they start nominating candidates for the Vice-Presidential office. Six mutters, "Second," to Baltar. I'm not sure he was actually paying attention, and she eventually has to hold Baltar's arm up for him before he catches on. Baltar leans over to his microphone and says, "Caprica seconds, for various reasons which are far too obvious and numerous to go into right now." The Prez turns to listen with a wonderfully annoyed expression, and when she puts her hand on her hip for a second, I think she's probably wishing there were a gun holstered there. Baltar's vague speechifying coasts to a halt, and the Prez calls for all in favor to say "aye." There are plenty of ayes, so the Prez asks for nominations. The delegate from Virgon stands up and says, "There is only one man here who is willing to work for the betterment of the people in this fleet." Wow, that's kind of an indictment of everyone else. Including the guy who's talking. He continues, "He sent a crew to fix the air filtration system on my ship and, hell, they were finished and they were gone while I was still waiting for the President's office to return my call." His nominee is, of course, Zarek. "Murmur! Murmur!" murmurs the audience. The nomination is seconded by the delegate from Geminon. The Prez accepts Zarek as a nominee and says that other nominations can be made for seventy-two hours. With that, the session is adjourned. Zarek and the Prez trade glances while the music gets all loud and tense and tries to make us forget that this is still all about who'll be Vice-President. I'm just saying.

Commercials. In the podcast, Moore mentions that they introduced the Cloud 9's garden because they wanted to have a different setting occasionally, but didn't want the crew to visit a series of alien worlds that all look like Canada. Heh. He also admits that there might be too many reporters, so I feel validated.

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