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Let Baltar Be Baltar

Colonial One. The Prez gripes about the idea of Vice-President Zarek. Gray says that he isn't too shocked that the Virgon delegate nominated Zarek, but the support from the Geminon delegate surprised him. The Prez snaps, "The Geminon ships use more water per capita than any other ships in the fleet. She wanted more rations; I said no." Gray calmly assures the Prez that there are still lots of people who hate Zarek. Apollo warns them against underestimating Zarek: "He's charismatic and knows which buttons to push." He starts going over his security concerns. The Prez tells Apollo that he should be "leaning forward" and carrying handkerchiefs. So she's worried about his posture and thinks he might catch cold. Or maybe it's one of them metaphors and she just wants him to keep a close watch on Zarek. After a moment, the Prez moves on to the next problem, which is that she needs a candidate of her own. She stares at Gray. Billy nods and says, "An established name." The Prez goes on staring at Gray. Gray finally catches on, and complains that he's not a politician and he doesn't want to be. The Prez tells him, "You have kept this fleet functioning all this time." He has? I mean, um, good for him. Maybe we should have heard of him before, though. Gray continues to protest, but the Prez basically says that if he won't run, Zarek's going to win: "I need you." Gray sighs, "You've got me, Madame President." And then they kiss! No.

In the garden on Cloud 9, Zarek's shmoozing the reporters. Playa asks Zarek, "How can you reassure people that you're looking out for their interests, as opposed to the rehabilitation of Tom Zarek?" Zarek proves himself an able politician when he completely fails to answer her question and just goes on about whatever he wants to talk about: "We're facing a situation so unique, so specific, that I believe we need not only new leadership but a whole new way of thinking." Sekou snarks, " Like blowing up a building or two." Zarek whatevers Sekou and points out that there's no economy, no industry, no nothin'. And no media except for news coverage, which might be the most horrifying part. He doesn't say that, but he does say, "We're all held hostage by the idea of the way things used to be." He points to a gardener nearby and points out that the guy is still working every day without getting any compensation for his labor. Well, maybe he likes it.

We briefly cut to the Colonial One, where the Prez sits slumped over in the dark as she listens to Zarek pontificate.

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