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Let Baltar Be Baltar

Zarek gets all shouty as he declares that the Prez is holding on to the past: "If we want to survive, we need to completely restructure our lives. We need to think about the community of citizens." He goes on about operating as a collective. So he's a communist? Or a Borg?

Apollo sits in a bar elsewhere on board, listening to Zarek over the radio. He grumbles, "You're not interested in the citizens; you just want power." He tells the bartender to turn the radio off and prepares to slurp down some mouthwash-colored booze. The bartender snaps off the radio, but it turns out that Goatee Guy is also at the bar. Goatee Guy complains that he was listening to the broadcast. Apollo smirks, "That's a shame." Goatee Guy turns to another guy behind him and says, "They all wanna hear Mr. Zarek speak too, don't you, buddy?" His buddy nods vigorously, because he doesn't have any lines. Goatee Guy turns for more support to Briefcase Guy. Oh my goodness, Apollo's wandered into the secret meeting-place of guys without names. Briefcase Guy says that he doesn't really care if the radio's on or not, and Goatee Guy says, "I take that as a yes." Er. Okay. Goatee Guy tells the bartender to turn the radio back on, and Apollo countermands that, and then Goatee belays the countermanding. Basically. They argue a little more, and then Goatee pulls the drink out of Apollo's hand and urges him to "go enjoy the imitation weather." Apollo's all, "No, why don't you." We see Starbuck (Gal) watching the confrontation from a table a little ways off.

Goatee Guy backs off and it seems like he's giving up. But then he grabs his beer bottle and smacks it into Apollo's head. The bottle makes a very nasty sound when it hits Apollo, but doesn't break, and Apollo goes down. Starbuck grabs her cane and starts to rush over, but is held back by Silent Guy. Apollo twists Goatee Guy's arm back as they continue fighting. Briefcase Guy quickly gathers up his papers and stuffs them into his briefcase. Starbuck smacks Silent Guy with her cane, and gets punched. Apollo tries strangling Goatee Guy, but Goatee Guy pins his arms to his sides. Silent Guy knocks Starbuck down, and she loops her cane around his leg and pulls. Apollo punches Goatee Guy. Starbuck pokes the handle of her cane into Silent Guy's stomach, oof, and flips him over. Apollo and Goatee Guy trade some more punches. Briefcase Guy looks frightened as Apollo and Goatee crash into his table, knocking his briefcase onto the floor. The gun falls out. Starbuck starts to pick herself up as Goatee Guy and Apollo continue to tussle on the floor. Briefcase Guy tries to collect his stuff without anyone's noticing, but Starbuck calls, "There's a gun!" Briefcase Guy starts to run away. Apollo grunts, "Starbuck!" as he's pressed against the floor by Goatee Guy. Apollo is reaching out for the bottle, which is just out of reach. Starbuck hobbles past, chasing Briefcase Guy. As she passes she chirps, "Incoming," and kicks the bottle into Apollo's hand. Apollo clonks Goatee Guy in the head and rolls him over. Starbuck uses her cane again to trip Briefcase Guy, who topples. She and Briefcase fumble with other, trying to get to the gun. Apollo kneels astride Goatee Guy and shouts, "Are you looking for this?" Then he hits him with the bottle again. Heh. But it would have been funnier if he'd hit Goatee with the radio. This time the bottle smashes. Starbuck finally scrambles over to the gun and turns over to aim it at Briefcase Guy, who freezes. That was fun. But I still miss Mike Massa's fights. Yeah, I know, we've already got fun flippy spaceships so maybe fun flippy people would be too...flippy.

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