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Crossroads, Part I

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That Old Song They Used To Play

Act Two: Lee's being nice enough, not snotty like usual, making -- as "a former CAG" -- the tactical suggestion of using the fueling ship as bait to lure the Cylons away from the Nebula. The Admiral is cool with him: "It's a good idea. I'll take it into consideration. Is there anything else?" Lee asks after the President, earning him a look of scornful shock. "Is she okay? She looked a little rattled in court yesterday." Bill exhales and tries to figure out a way where they don't have this conversation. "We can't talk about the trial outside of court," is the best he can do, following up with the obligatory "You know that. Or you should" dig. Lee thinks we're playing a game; Willow used to do this all the time and it drove me nuts, that yearning in their eyes to go backwards and for you not to be mad at them anymore. He's like, "I totally wasn't asking about the trial! I was asking about our happy family, silly!" Bill tells him to go fuck himself. "After what you did to Tigh, you're the last person I would consider to confide in." Lee's honestly confused by this one, and not in a disingenuous way either. "I didn't do anything to Tigh. He was drunk. It's really not my fault." Adama clarifies that he means Lee told Romo about Saul killing Ellen, which nobody knew but Saul and Bill, but which Romo figured out in a quickness because he sees the weak places best. Lee protests and is brutally rebuffed. "You're calling me a liar?" And a coward. Who didn't have the guts to "go after a man himself," but put "the shiv" in a stranger's hand and let Romo stab Tigh in the back. Which is lexically confusing, and also doesn't make sense. How on earth was Lee meant to be "going after" Tigh period? When Bill says "Tigh," does he mean "Bill"? "And for what? Traitorous piece of garbage Gaius Baltar. Doesn't even deserve a trial." Scapegoats, again. Bill's hanging by a thread. This is anger, not justice.

"Are you done?" Most assuredly, Bill is done. "Then so am I," says the former CAG, taking off his wings and putting them on Bill's table, with a clash. My stomach flipped over; I started crying. Lee's a good boy. This is awful. This is a monstrosity, born of nothing you can fight; it's a question without an answer, it's a horror made of grief and loneliness and Romo Lampkin. "I will not serve under a man who questions my integrity." Bill takes the insignia in hand and snarls, "And I won't have an officer under my command who doesn't have any," tossing them in a drawer without even looking. I hate that. I haven't really felt that bad about the Admiral and Apollo until now, even though it's clearly been a big deal for awhile, but this literally makes me sick to my stomach. It's too wrong, it's too dumb, it's too much. It's too inevitable. "I'll see you in court, Admiral," snots Lee, and takes off. Watching these kids get consumed by their...

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