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That Old Song They Used To Play

Louder now: "Chamalla, Madame President. Perhaps dissolved in your tea? To mask the bitterness?" Not even Oracles can handle that awful taste. Adama's face is crushed with anger. "Don't answer. I'm putting a stop to this right now." The defense points out that if the witness is on drugs, it goes to credibility; Adama dismisses her altogether, near standing, near screaming. Objectivity was never his strong point, I know, but it hurts from another direction. Lampkin objects, calling it a cover-up. Bringing down the columns around them all with a simple question; Adama tells him to stop talking or face contempt. The other judges wow about how Bill has lost even his tenuous fake pretense at objectivity, and tell him to settle. "Madame President," again, "are you taking chamalla again?" She admits that she is: stares at it, doesn't look away. Lee looks away first, because there's more storm coming and he knows it, like a sound across the water. He wants to run. "No further questions."

Over the din she speaks. "Mr. Adama, aren't you going to ask me why?" It hits his shoulders first. "I'm sorry?" Then his eyes. "Why am I taking chamalla again?" Then his mouth: "It's not strictly relevant," he says, wanting more than anything to go home, but he doesn't have one anymore. "Well. Perhaps it's not relevant to you, but it's relevant to me." Lee Adama begins to cry. He's mourning her, mourning Kara Thrace, mourning Captain Apollo. All these different kinds of love, burning up between the stars. "Go ahead. Ask me why. Finish what you started." There's not even anger in it, that's what hurts the most. The lioness is gone. This is a deal Laura's making with herself: can she be strong enough to break open another of the Fleet's dreams, tell them they're not safe again? Take on her most hated mantle? "Why are you taking the chamalla again, Madam President?" That old bad penny. The Dying Leader. The crowd screams; another part of the world falls down.

Dee's shoving shit in bags without looking at it; she's angrier than I've seen her. Of course she's leaving him now, even though a real person would have left him actual years ago; even though a respectable person wouldn't have married him in the first place, but whatever. I've learned you don't think too hard about why people get married or if you think they're up to it, because that makes you a jerk. So I retract that last statement. But it still does kinda piss me off that she has zero actuality in this scene. She's never been a hugely subjectively real character, she's always been a prop for some other character's mega-drama -- Bill, Lee, even Kara -- but this is kind of a joke. The only thing that makes it okay, to the extent that it is okay, is that one of Dee's finest hours was the whole "You think I'm going to make out with you after you ruined my ship?" fight with Billy, back to which this harkens, however circuitously. Lee's whining, dontcha know. "The fact that she's having hallucinations is relevant to Baltar's defense! That's the way the system works, Dee! The accused has a right to challenge the credibility of witnesses against him! That's just the way it is." All true. "The system is broken, Lee. The system elected that man to be President, and the system's trying to let him walk. That is not a system that deserves to be defended. It deserves to be taken apart and put back together again." All true, and not something she's ever been secretive about believing. She did her best to break it before and I hope she tries again, and again, and again, until they get it right. She's Sagittaron. I hope she and Tom Zarek become the fifth column. He prays to the Gods he could make her understand, and instead of slapping him into Cylon Heaven, she just explains once more: "Um, I do understand, Lee. And it's why I'm leaving." And she does! Awesome! He screams and bitches and whines and moans about how she doesn't, but that's because Captain Apollo isn't running this show, and their marriage depended on both of them believing that he did. He never was, but as long as you don't ask the question you don't have to hear the answer.

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