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Crossroads, Part I

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That Old Song They Used To Play

Saul's wavering on the stand, eye at half-mast, so Cassidy repeats the question: "As the leader of the insurgency, did you ever hear of an instance in which Baltar stood up to the Cylons or tried to disrupt their plans?" How could he have? Nobody heard directly from Gaius, or the administration, in the entire time of the Occupation. Like Laura before and after him, he had buffers out to here. But that doesn't ever stop the people from filling in the blanks; it's what the people do best. Human psychology is based on projection. "Oh, no! Never. He never lifted a frakkin' finger to help us. Ellen did more. At least she was trying to... to help us... " It's clear he's drunk; to the people that love him, to Lee and Bill and Laura, and you and I, it's clear. "Yeees," Cassidy says, "yes, Ellen. Your wife. Another victim of Baltar's Cylon allies." She gets the hell out of there. Before standing, Romo asks Lee what happened there, so we can be sure Lee doesn't know what really happened. So we can see Romo putting it together for himself. "She used to work for one of the Cylon administrators," Lee explains. "I presume she died in the exodus from New Caprica." Lampkin nods, and stands, and goes for it.

"You dislike Gaius Baltar because you consider him to be a traitor. Is that correct?" That, and a coward, and a mass murderer, yes. "The suicide bombing of the police graduation. Gaius Baltar was the intended target, was he not?" Again, yes: "And if he'd had the guts to show up that day like he was supposed to, you and I wouldn't be having this conversation right now." Heh. "So," Lampkin summarizes, "you ordered the killing of, what was it, thirty-three other men and women, just for the chance to kill Gaius Baltar?" But Tigh's been through this a million times: they were all traitors. The whole SS. "Anyone who put on that uniform." Lampkin turns on his heel, like a boy. "What happened to your wife?" Cassidy takes exception to this, asking the relevance of Ellen, but Lampkin and the tribunal -- excepting, of course, Bill Adama, who's even worse at objectivity here than we thought he would be -- agree that the door was opened during her questioning. He asks again, and Tigh begins to curse at him. "Isn't it true that she collaborated openly with the Cylons? That she actually worked for them?" If by "working," you mean the twist and swirl: "She was faking it. Making them think that she was working for them." But then, Lampkin points out, you wouldn't say Gaius was faking it, either. And that's not what he was doing, in any way except the one Lampkin needs. Maybe these military types, these survivors, these orphans, just honestly cannot understand how weak the man truly is. Admitting his humanity would tarnish their own.

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