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Crossroads, Part II

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"Oh, Felix. Oh, Felix, what are you doing?" Gaius about bitchslaps Cassidy, retreating from her as she brandishes the order. That octagonal piece of his heart that everyone can look at. "Gaius, Gaius," Lampkin Seacrests, "We'll get him in the cross." Over shouts from the tribunal for Lampkin once again to get his crazy ass under control, Gaius screams hilariously: "Look, it's no secret! The whole Fleet knows this man tried to the stab me through the neck, and you missed! Butterfingers!" Man, I love my guy on the edge. Lampkin apologizes; Lee gives him a steely STFU. ...And then Lampkin releases Felix. No further questions. Gaius wigs out some more, and Franks finally gets to gaveling, and they dismiss the witness. "Listen, it's your word against his right now. If he's decided to perjure himself, there's nothing we can do to change that now. We're going to have to adjust our strategy."

And that strategy? Move for mistrial. Gaius screams a bunch more, both exciting and new, and one of the judges says in some kind of accent, "Oh, behave, Dr. Baltar!" The mistrial, of course, comes on the grounds of "somebody" and their total lack of objectivity. Bill's like, "That's a serious thing to say, and about whom?" Um, dude. You. Obviously. And to prove it? "...The unusual step of calling Mr. Lee Adama to the stand." Lee's of course like "The fuck?" and promises not to testify against his dad; Lampkin's like, "Either way, get that ass up there." Cassidy excepts and excepts, and Lampkin assures the tribunal that he can think of seven precedents right this second, for counsel testifying at trial. Franks gives it to him. Lampkin asks if it's been four days since the meeting Lee talked about earlier; asks if the Admiral expressed an opinion about whether Gaius deserved a trial. Lee stresses out and won't talk. "All I'm looking for is the truth here, Mr. Adama. Let's have it. I'm waiting. Answer the question. You swore an oath as an officer of the court. If you don't answer the question, you halt the entire system of justice..." That word again. Lee screams. "-- What frakking system?!" The judges try to chill him out, but this is it. The Maelstrom. He either becomes a man in the next five seconds, or he's dead meat. His wings are clipped permanently. "All right, all right. I'll try something else. Do you believe that the defendant deserves a fair trial?" Yes. "Aside from the fact that everyone deserves a fair trial, I also happen to believe that he is not guilty of the charges and should be acquitted." Cassidy freaks, and the judges are swayed -- after all, defense can do this in closing statements -- but Adama sure as fuck wants to hear it; another judge agrees. So why acquit?

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