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Crossroads, Part II

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"All rise." Franks explains the other side of the "system" speech: "Like everything human, justice is imperfect. It's flawed. But it's those very imperfections that separates us from the machines. And maybe even makes us a species worth saving." I like this undertone, it started with Roslin's "preserving the culture at all costs" speech to Chief, back in his episode. The idea that you can't just start over fresh, but you can't stay the way you are: you're stuck. What do you do when you can't get out? Change into something else. "Gaius Baltar. After carefully weighing the evidence, this tribunal, in a vote of three to two...finds you not guilty." Everything goes to hell. Some scattered applause and boos before the riot begins. Roslin grabs Tory and bounces; not out of fear for her safety but because she's breathing fire. Gaius addresses the press, hilariously: "I always knew that I was going to be acquitted, but the fact that I have been found innocent shouldn't disguise in any way that this trial has been a total pantomime!" Things go to hell squared, in the confusion; people getting beat up by Marines, administration getting smacked around. Lee calls out to his father, to save Gaius Baltar.

"I knew right from the very start that if there was a way to demonstrate the sheer -- What's the word I'm looking for? Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the word I'm looking for -- hypocrisy of the prosecution's case, then really, the judges had no other option but to find me not guilty." Lampkin and Lee look upon him, grinning and sickened like twins. "Well, your boundless confidence provided us with great solace throughout the proceedings," says Lampkin archly. Gaius refuses to take the hint and thanks them from the bottom of their grossed-out hearts; Gaius takes it too far: "On a personal note, if I could've seen the Admiral squirm just a little bit more, it wouldn't have hurt." Lee gets right up in his personal business and tells him not to push it. Gaius shrinks and addresses Romo, asking for his personal counsel. "I've thought about maybe doing a book tour around the fleet. And there's the publishing rights. And there are issues about my security, where I'm gonna live, what I'm gonna do. Since we've forged this great relationship during the trial, I thought, you know, who better to think about..." Gaius spent months on the Basestar learning to project; still can't read a room for shit. Lampkin winks, almost, in his gleeful hate: "Actually, now that the Fleet's legal system is in place, my not-so-inconsiderable talents are required elsewhere. So I'm afraid...this is the end of our journey." He was never there for you: it was Lee he was after. Gaius finally realizes how totally fucked he is. "What...what about me? Wait a minute, wait, please. Think about this for a second." Don't think about Danny Noon; don't think about how you have to make up what you are when they take away what you were. How dirty your hands have to get. "Where am I gonna live? What am I gonna do? How am I going to survive?" Lampkin tells him he'll land on his feet: the thief talking down to the joker. It's done.

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