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Breakaway Song

Except that in order to define for the viewer the feeling that Moore had, in my hypothetical iPod happening, a long time ago, you need a lot less logos and a lot more magic, because by simply laying out the five or six mind-blowing things on the table, and telling us first what you're going to tell us, then telling us, then telling us what you just told us, you get further and further away from the awesome of the idea in the first place. Now I for a fact know that this is a set of awesome things that Moore still feels strongly about to this day, and that he wants our minds truly blown by them and for us to be very impressed by these things, and I am in agreement with the awesomeness of these things. And I don't know if it was the spoiling, or the uninspiring dialogue, or if this is all my shit I'm putting on the episode, but I don't know if I feel quite as freaked as I am meant to feel. At the end of last season, your stomach dropped because you knew what would happen next, and you were scared to see it. This season, I feel dropped into a hole that has no bottom, because I have no clue what happens next. And that is awesome. We'll have plenty of time to look around and wonder what will happen next. But I still wonder what this episode would have felt like with fewer edges, and more space between the notes.

And the whole quoting-the-song thing is a huge part of that, because we get it, we get it, we get it. It should be the least noticeable part of the entire script, the weave, but instead it sticks out like something large and looming, a bright red thread, in a way that takes you out of the entire setup. None of the actors know what to do with it, so they can't even really help weave it right, but this is a time where they shouldn't have to. It should work both as real live dialogue, and as the clues to the song, and in most scenes (although this one works as a disorienting non sequitur, the rest don't) it's not doing the double-duty it should. There is a lack of... shit, sorry. Enjambment, basically. It means what it is, and it does what it says, and that's the extent. And there are ways in which I kind of feel... cheated? That's not the right word. And I don't know if I have explained it sufficiently, because to say there's a lack of poetry is to go too far in the direction of criticism, and this isn't a criticism exactly, just an openness to the possibility that every story can be told in an infinite number of ways, that every split second on that screen is the result of somebody's choice, and imagining other iterations of those, like a Hybrid, is fruitless, and sometimes the worst idea you can have, because the only person you're hurting is yourself. So shut up, Jacob. Back to the trial.

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