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Crossroads, Part II

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Breakaway Song

"Do you recognize this document, Lieutenant?" Cassidy asks Gaeta. He does. It's the one he brandished in Gaius's face the day his heart broke: "A death list issued on New Caprica by the office of the President." Who signed it? Gaius. Was it a forgery? No. For sure? Yes, for sure. "Because I was there. I saw him sign it." Lie. Gaius starts to wig out. The smile on Felix's face would scare the entire Cylon Fleet: so disingenuous, so hateful, so broken, so vengeful. Of all the people in the Fleet, that document is Felix's problem: the second he saw it, he took their names onto his back, scratched in like scars. He was the one who put "democracy" back in place, he was the one who got the Presidency back for his hero, he was the one who watched it fall to shit almost instantly around him, for a year he watched this and could do nothing. For who knows how long, he sat under the Cylon thumb, and watched Caprica and Gaius together again, and tried to think of ways to help the Resistance, and then back onboard, he nearly let the Circle take him down: to buy back for the Fleet what his ideals took from them. There's a reason Tigh and Laura were questioned together: it's so Gaeta and Lee could take the stand together, in this episode. What Gaeta was, Lee is: a person whose ideals brought down the world. A person who hasn't learned to be good, but not too good. And what Gaeta is now, I don't want anybody to be. "I saw him sign it," Gaeta says, over Gaius's screams; Cassidy asks him to describe a scene he never saw. "The Cylons brought the document into the presidential office. They had already selected the names. One of them, I believe it was a Three..." Gaius is spitting now: The gall! The unmitigated and déclassé cheek! (I'm extrapolating from his spitting sounds. I'm like Leoben!) "...Gave the list to the President and said, "Here are the people that are going to be executed. Please sign this. He looked at the list. He saw all the names. And then he signed it." Did he protest? "I mean, did he argue? Did he offer any resistance whatsoever?"

Flashback to New Caprica, that day in Colonial One when they shot her through the head and promised to do the same to him. How angry Doral was: how afraid. Of God. Now look, see, how far we've come. See how far from stem to stern the angel has to reach. Ron T. writes, after explaining what an "unrep" is: "Usually an aircraft carrier has a 'breakaway song' that's played over the loudspeaker as both ships peel away from each other, practicing what would take place if a nasty bogey showed up. Or maybe a Raider." And Doral's still screaming, and Gaius is taking the only stand he's ever taken: and now, here, it's being taken away. Sybarites confuse the body with meaning, with the real; serial ladykillers confuse the act with the meaning, the speech with the sound, the messenger with the message; the nature of modern life is obsession: Gaeta breaks his heart again. I bust Felix's no doubt well-trimmed balls about the gay thing every week, but he doesn't have to be gay to be in love with Gaius Baltar. My love for Gaius Baltar is the least gay thing I've ever done. Felix doesn't have to be gay to get fucked by Gaius: we all were. But whether Felix is gay is not the question and it never was. The question is: does Gaius know the difference? Between Kara and Lee, between Laura and Bill, between Felix and Gina? His heart and his dick have always had some trouble communicating: why shouldn't this hurt just as bad? Felix loved Gaius Baltar as a hero, and Gaius Baltar loves most to be loved as a hero. And now Felix is taking away the one heroic moment the man ever gave us. This is how he's brought low, by love and respect removed: this is Caprica seeing Gaius walk out the door with Three. This is Sam tossing Kara's dogtags in her face. This is Lee and Bill Adama.

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