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Daybreak, Part I

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Naked Lunch

Bill seals the boxes one by one, labeling them for delivery to his new quarters on the Rebel Basestar. Boxing everything, at the end of line. Lee, younger and as a man. His sons as children. He grits his teeth; she groans around him.

(Adama: "Is this my ten minutes or is this yours?"
Tigh: "Yours. I took ten last time."
Dualla: "...I believe it was your ten minutes, sir."
Tigh: "The old man's so tired he can't remember, then it's his turn.")


Gaius lights a cigarette, walking with Paulla through the ship: after this latest catastrophe, and the funerals, their movement is even more popular. "Everyone else's numbers are down, which gives us solid majorities on over half the civilian ships in the Fleet," she says. The cold equations, where faith meets power. "I mean, no one else comes even close to having that kind of political power. Our time is here, Gaius." Chip Six appears, back in red, and nods. "She's right, Gaius. The end times are approaching. Humanity's final chapter's about to be written, and you... You will be its author." He stares. He's gone, somewhere else. That house, under a blue sky. That wonderful house.

(And Gaeta's screaming with a gun in his hand. "I believed in you!" And Caprica is swearing that they all did, in Gaius and in the dream of New Caprica, but she's the last one he wants to hear talking. "No, not him, he believed in the dream of Gaius Baltar. The good life. Booze, pills, hot and cold running interns. You led us to the Apocalypse!")

"Are you, um, are you thirsty, before...?" The woman watches; something's changing. Something's changed: he looks over and sees the Six, sitting in a club chair, holding a glass of ambrosia and waiting for him to come home. History keeps getting smaller all the time. All that pain, and shame. She's back again. She pretends it doesn't hurt as he demands to know what she's doing there. The woman offers to leave, and he bites at her and kisses her and sends her upstairs to get ready.

The Six looks at her glass; Gaius calls her an intruder. That is what she is. She saw his shame; she can't be allowed to exist. She goes outside the red line, outside the line of salt between what's allowed and what isn't. She doesn't speak, as he whines at her: just stands up. He backs away, nervous, afraid of confrontation, and calls the police. She's concerned; when he reaches someone on the line she finally speaks up. Her innocent, lovely smile, trying to help: "I found your father a new place to live." Gaius is brought up short, and stares.

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