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Daybreak, Part I

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"The Regency, down by the wharf. Very tony address." She picks up a brochure: "Full-time care, social activities, medical staff. And the best part? They encourage residents to garden and grow their own food. Julius will be a farmer again."

He searches her face. This is how they get you: on the other side of the pain of being known is the joy of being known. Imagine the eyes of someone infinitely loving, who can love you enough that it goes past here, and now, and money, past crude Julius and the shame of slapping your own father in front of a beautiful woman: this is how they get you. She has enough in her for all of them.

"His things are being moved this very moment by the staff." Resolve failing in the pain of being known, he goes to the door. "They'll be set up in his new room exactly how he had them in the apartment. He loves it." Gaius stops short: "Loves?" She is proud; she's reached past the red line, past what's allowed and what's not, and solved the problem herself. He likes having things done for him.

"Once I showed him around the facility. Your father's a very complicated man, Gaius, but there are a few simple things that make him very happy." She shoves the brochure in his chest: she's the same way, and Gaius will never understand it. The simplicity of joy, God's love. "The last time I saw him he seemed happy," she says, and nods, and leaves. He stares after her. And just like this, just so, Gaius Baltar falls in love. It's a force of nature. It's like a flood.


Kara taps her pen against the papers, connections and patterns, doing math on the notes, turning them into math and the math into something else. Thinking, and thinking, and tapping. She looks down at Sam, sleeping, and goes back to it. Day breaking. Hoshi spills coffee on the board and wipes it up slowly, chastened by Saul.

"As I was saying, the old man intends to fly the last Viper off-ship himself. Tell the deck gang to leave one launch tube intact, set to remote pilot launch." We'll send the old man off in style. Hoshi keeps wiping, the mess keeps getting bigger; Saul's eye twinkles. "You'll never make Admiral like that."

And they're revealing a Viper Mark II to the Commander, for the decommissioning, tail number A894FG, "HUSKER" stenciled on the sides. The breath is catching in Bill's throat as Chief waves the other deckhands away, and he's smiling to see Adama so moved. Prosna hands over a wrapped package: a photograph of Bill himself, standing on the wing of this Viper. She was rusting away in a salvage yard outside Caprica City when they found her. "The honor is mine," Bill is saying, almost unable to speak at all.

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