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When Will The Work Be Done?

Simon figures she'll find the Colonials in the Colony, and Cavil says it's time to march. Simon cautions him against too much force, risking her safety, and Cavil gets pissy. "Really? Ya think? Please continue stating the perfectly obvious, it fills me with confidence." They stalk down the hall, toward another nexus.

Caprica crouches by him, almost unaware of the words before she speaks them. "Proud of you." His eyes are fixed to heaven, in fear; it takes a second to register, and then he's just confused. "For doing this. For being here, when you could have just walked away. I don't think I ever said it before, but... I always wanted to be proud of you." She sits quietly, a moment. Me too.

"Guess I always felt that was the only thing missing," she says, with a sad smile. A door opens; a bird flutters up against the light. She's afraid, bashful; she wants to know if he's looking at her but lacks the courage to look. And when she does, he is. He kisses her, reaching across to touch her, and hold her tight. They are very small, against the crates; the world is silent.

"All the pieces are falling into place," says the angel. They stop kissing, drawing back reluctantly, and look up. "You will hold the future of Cylons and humans in your hands," says the Gaius. "I will?" they ask together, and double take on each other: "You see them?" (And the old man is saying, "In the midst of confusion, he finds her again: enemies brought together by impossible longing, joined as one." And Baltar's saying, "Angels take the guise of those who are nearest and dearest to you: those who can understand your doubts and your trials, and steer you back on the road to salvation.") There is a blast, and they are knocked to the floor once again.

Kara and Karl come around a junction in the Colony, blasting their way through Centurions; like a well-oiled machine he speaks their language: one tap on her shoulder and she drops to her knee automatically, without thought or question, for covering fire. It's a beautiful, smooth, tiny moment. There is silence.

Boomer comes around on them with Hera in her arms, and meets Athena's eyes. Hera's slowly waking. Athena's rage is nothing compared to Helo's, who rushes forward; Athena pulls him back. Boomer steps forward with the child in her arms, and tenderly hands her over to her mother. "Tell the old man... I owed him one," Boomer says quietly. Athena assures her it doesn't change what she did, and Boomer meets gaze her quietly, with complex dignity and greater strength. "No. We all make our choices." She nods, slowly, holding Athena's eyes. "Today I made a choice. I think it's my last one." Kara: "All right, this is really touching. Can we get the hell out of here?" She's still on her knees.

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