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When Will The Work Be Done?

Sharon nods, in the Commander's office, and smartly executes a heel-turn, and leaves. And down the corridor, crying tears of relief. It's the only family she has left; it's the only family she's ever had. The smell of Galactica, the curve of her gravity: past-life love. And a name, Boomer: screwing up her landings until the day she died here, on this ship, and joined those ghosts. She was born for this ship: she was made to love it. Made.


The dying are screaming as they roll them in. Ishay shoves her way through, triaging and diagnosing and treating in a flurry of activity, calling out to the assistants. A man groans on a gurney, and Laura tries to comfort him. He is covered in blood. As she speaks to him, Ishay leans over and makes the X upon his forehead. "He's gone." Life in wartime; there's blood on Laura's face, and her hands. He's covered in it. She promises him he's going to be all right as they wheel him away to die.

Lee and Kara surprise each other around a junction; Lee asks what took so long and Kara says they stopped for coffee. Helo's carrying the child. Neither of them know of any other Raptor teams that made it here alive. They reverse course, heading back toward the Marine's transport.

Gun batteries fire; a Raider nips at Galactica and something major goes up in flame as Lee radios his father. "We've got the prize! Repeat, we have the prize!" Bill gives them five minutes; another blast shoves them around and a fire breaks out, up near Sam's tank. Bill moves the reserve forces into position at the airlock, to wait for their children. The Centurions make their way through the ship toward Caprica's location, with Gaius, hiding behind crates. Gaius fires at a fallen toaster again, and again, and again, gone panicked and manic, and Lee has to scream for a while around the corner before Caprica can get him calmed down. Gaius apologizes, but Lee tells him he did great. Lee's group settles in to defend the position, and Kara's group takes Hera back into the ship, with Caprica and Gaius in tow.

Laura sits in the sickbay, shooting up her next injection, covered in blood. After a moment, with Hera onboard, the visions return. Hera, running through the Opera House. "What? Hera." She stands off, dropping her lab coat, barely able to walk, spaced out on drugs, and begins to walk toward the vision.

The squad comes around a corner, Helo holding both Hera and a gun now. The lights are flashing wildly. They pass an empty junction; a Doral comes around and fires into their group, dropping a Marine and hitting Helo. He falls to the deck as Kara takes the Doral out, and Athena falls on her knees beside him. It's bad, and bright, and red; he chokes the blood bubbles beneath her hand. Hera runs away, in the confusion, and Helo tells his wife to go after her. "No, you'll bleed out," she cries, twisted impossibly around; he pushes at her weakly, screaming, and she realizes it's what she would do, so she goes. And soon enough, she joins the vision.

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