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When Will The Work Be Done?

One hand each in the font, and everything goes red, and the water flashes white (nigredo, albedo, rubedo, uniting to bring resurrection and new life from ruin). They breathe through it; Tory feels it most strongly, as usual, eyelids fluttering.

And down on the floor: Laura stares up, enchanted, and Lee can't even blink. Simon confirms it, as the memories strobe across them. Sam on the beach of bombed-out Earth, running guns on bombed-out Caprica, kissing Kara the day she left him there. Ellen on New Caprica, soft and smiling in the sun, and later, when she thought she was playing Cavil and nearly threw up when her soul screamed at her to stop. Saul with a gun to Boomer's head, staring out at the ocean on Earth, so full of feeling he can't contain it all. Tory goes deep, trying to stay conscious, and keep back the darker parts of herself. That's always been the problem.

Cally, screaming; taking Nicky away. Tory's eyelids flicker. She told Cally she didn't know what she was: only that she wasn't evil. Galen's hands twitch as he sees it, and heads for it, thinking, putting it together. Tory knelt at her side, in that launch tube that we heard was empty. Cally weeping, terrified. Tory took the child from her arms. He gets angrier, pushing at her like Sam at a Hybrid, trying to get inside. His eyes search through the memories, pushing further. Her eyes dart to him, terrified and ashamed. Wondering what he'll do. He shoves at her, hope soaring to slaughter, all his best against her hull, again and again, eyes getting wider. Cally cried, and Tory punched her; she skidded on her face and came to rest. Ellen's eyes go wild in shock; Saul stares at Tory. The things she's capable of. A moment of remorse as she turns the key, holding Nicky in her arms. Galen's face is worse than anything. She pushed the button; Cally's lovely face as the vacuum pulled her back, away, into the sky. He looks into her eyes. Tory is more frightened than ashamed.

Galen pulls his hand out of the water, breaking contact, and Sam sends up a hideous scream; the Hybrids everywhere shriek in kind, shaking in fear and pain. Ellen jerks, and Saul flinches, as Galen puts his hands around her throat, lunging forward. She screams, and pushes weakly at his chest; his hands are larger than her head. She holds onto his wrists as they scream, her mouth gone impossibly wide as the world falls down and Sam screams. Doral pulls a gun; Simon notes the download's interrupted. A firefight breaks out, the music goes insane, and the 145s open fire. Sam only stops screaming when she's dead, neck snapped.

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Battlestar Galactica




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