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When Will The Work Be Done?

"I'm not scared," she says, shaking her head, trying to get it across. Of course she thinks about dying every time she gets in a cockpit. That doesn't make it scary, that makes it real. "Yeah, but it doesn't scare me. Like, that's what you don't get." Lee doesn't get it. He won't get it, until after she's dead and come back. "What, so it's um, Kara Thrace the fearless warrior? Right?" She laughs and drums the table. "No, I... know fear. And I get scared. Just... Just not of dying." Can't be Kara -- can't be Starbuck -- without that on your side. So what scares her? He leans forward, lips parted. He wants to know. She pours another shot, splashing his hand and grinning; she raises it, to that girl and in her honor: "Being forgotten." The awful daring of a moment's surrender, to be honest for just one moment, about what she depends on. All that notoriety and all those desperate grabs for attention: that was her fighting off true death, all along. We leave so much more than footprints behind us when we go. Jump.

Her back breaks; she's ripped apart. The flight pods jostle, pieces rip themselves away from her skin. Compound fractures of steel beams, thrusting through ceilings and walls. She groans.

Bill holds her, tightly, on the floor; Saul helps Ellen up. Kara's hand is still on the jump key as Galactica's systems come back online. Kara pulls herself to standing. Caprica, still supporting Athena after all this damage. Laura assures Bill she's fine, and he turns his attention to the other lady, asking Saul for a sitrep. Saul looks at Ellen before obeying Bill's order, for the first time in their lives. She nods, and tells him she's okay. Galen sits against a bulkhead, a murderer and the man who ended resurrection forever, after another man with his face spent years creating it. The higher power the Five were capable of evoking, connecting to, communing with: gone, forever. To thunderous applause.

"She's broke her back," Saul says. "She'll never jump again." He shakes his head, winking out a tear for her as she groans around them. "Wherever we are is where we're gonna stay," Bill says, and Laura looks up lovingly at her: "Where have you taken us, Kara?"


Galactica slides across the atmosphere of the moon, Luna, green cheese and all; rising over her horizon is the Earth, our Earth, yours and mine: Africa in the middle, framed in blue. A Raptor is sent to the rendezvous, and twelve hours later the Fleet jumps in. A Raptor cascades along Galactica's flank, over her and down to the rolling fields of grass. It's lovely. It looks like Caprica, the day Helo gave up his life for Gaius Baltar's. Hoshi crouches toward a line of men, lying on their tummies below a low ridge, staring out through binoculars: Saul, Cottle, Bill, and Hoshi settles easily between him and Gaius. "Glad you could join us, Admiral," Bill says, and Hoshi hands him back his pips, uncomfortable with the Admiralty.

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