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When Will The Work Be Done?

Gaius gestures toward a group of humanoids walking across the landscape. "Well, there you have it, Admiral. The most advanced civilization we could locate on this planet." He hands them over to Bill, continuing: "I can't see them talking to each other, so either they communicate a different way or they're preverbal. Judging by the look of their tools, which are rudimentary to say the least, I'd suggest that we've found an early, ritualistic, tribal society." Bill's eyes are shocking blue, on this new planet. "They bury their dead," continues Cottle. "I came across a grave a couple of klicks back and ran some tests. Their DNA is compatible with ours." Meaning we can breed with them, Gaius says, and Bill grumbles, "You got a one-track mind, Doc." Hoshi smiles, but Gaius gets pissy: "What? Listen, I'm talking about the survival of the human race, actually, not some get together with the natives..." Grass underneath you and the sun on your back. "You also have no sense of humor," Bill continues, and Saul giggles. Cottle loves it, of course, and Gaius feels like a spaz, apologizing. They talk about how unlikely it is that human beings would naturally evolve on a planet so far from the Colonies, and Gaius goes, "One might even say there was a divine hand at work," which, isn't that him? Hoshi looks at him and Bill says that it doesn't really matter. This is where they're staying, with their new families.

Unloading Raptors at a comms station, Lee standing with Hoshi and Romo. Romo wants to clear a large parcel of land, ridge to river, for cultivation. "We should be able to lay out the preliminary lines for a city within a day or two," Hoshi continues, and Lee looks around, suddenly struck by a stupid idea. "No. No city. Not this time." He stares into the middle distance as they wonder what he possibly could propose instead.

"We break the cycle," Lee says excitedly to his father, as they walk along a river. His arm is through his father's, he's happy as a clam. "We leave it all behind, and start over." Bill points out that they're talking about 38,000 people -- the entire human race -- with the clothes on their backs and some provisions, but Lee disagrees, smiling: "It's not the entire human race. There are people already here!" Whom we will outcompete and relegate to the species junk heap! It's great! Bill's like, "They don't even have language!" And in its viral language of clicks and pops language goes, I'm on it. Lee wants to give them language: "The best part of ourselves. Not the ships, the equipment, the technology, the weapons... If there's one thing that we should've learned, it's that... You know, our brains have always outraced our hearts. Our science charges ahead, our souls lag behind." He puts a hand on his father's shoulder, and asks his blessing to start anew.

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