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When Will The Work Be Done?

Bill stands, ripping off the leads. "No job is worth this, no matter how fat the paycheck is. I'd rather spend the rest of my career -- what's left of it -- on a broken down old ship than have someone sit here and question my word."

The Viper banks up and around Galactica, saying goodbye, and out past the Fleet. The Fleet kept him alive, kept his heart alive. He kept them alive in turn. Found a place to rest.

"Perfection," Sam said. "That's what it's about. It's those moments... Sam flashing all around in the waters. When you can feel the perfection of creation... The beauty of physics, you know? The wonder of mathematics. The elation of action and reaction. And that is the kind of perfection that I want to be connected to."

That's Galactica, gone red and white, as the Fleet sets out on its last, empty journey. Galactica herds them all into the sun, as day breaks.


Ellen holds out her hand toward Galen, worried about him, at the top of a green ridge. He's sure. "Just tired of people. Human, Cylons, whatever." He's found an island off "one of the northern continents": cold, in the Highlands. No people to speak of. Ellen smiles and holds him close. Saul shakes his hand: "For what it's worth, if what happened to Cally had happened to Ellen, I'd have done the same frakking thing." (Except it did and you... Never mind. I'm tired. The sun is coming up.) Saul embraces him and he smiles sweetly, back over his shoulder, walking away. Saul wraps his arm around Ellen, holding her tightly.


Ellen wraps herself around Saul, holding him tightly. Bill is gone, "taking a leak," and Ellen chuckles into Saul's lap: "Oh, nice." She orders drinks, and keep them coming. He smiles up at her. "Tonight, we are celebrating your retirement, and all the time I'm about to get to spend with my husband!" She kisses him, loudly, exuberant and beautiful. He's hesitant, and so young, asking if she's okay with that. She giggles, but there's exasperation in her voice. All this time, thinking it was some lack in him that kept the gaps and omissions in their love, when the truth has always been closer to the opposite. Her love burns too hot, and his heart belongs to too many other people ever satisfy her. "Aagh! Saul! All I've ever wanted was to be with you!"

More seriously, now: "Not just weekend liberties, or two week's leave a year. I mean fulltime. You and me." He smiles up at her, delighted to hear her say it. "Together in a house, in a tent... Homeless and on the street..." He hums, joyfully. "Just be together."

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Battlestar Galactica




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