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When Will The Work Be Done?

When he's gone Laura admits she can barely see straight, and Ishay nods. "You're so pumped full of drugs you could float off this bed." She smiles; they are soldiers together, in the trenches of the body. There are no shocks and no modesties. No ceremonies are necessary. They are soldiers together. "Okay. Two days?" Ishay nods, and Laura slides off the bed, ready to work. "All right. Two days."

Athena watches from the door, posture doubtful, as Helo briefs the Raptor squad. "Plan's just starting to take shape, but one thing's clear: Raptors get the toughest job, as usual. This will require some special piloting skills, and I mean special. Threading a needle while you're on a rollercoaster special. While it seems a little redundant at this point, the word's come down that it's a volunteer assignment so..." All hands up, immediately; the creaking of flight suits under his beautiful pride. "That's my Raptor wranglers, always looking for new and interesting ways to get killed." He looks to Athena; she smiles at him for the first time since that day.

Lee's wild hair and unshaven face, wearing his uniform, briefing the Marines. He hasn't slept; he looks marvelous. "I'm not gonna lie to you, boys, we are thin on intel on this one. But the Cylons believe that the most logical place for Cavil to have taken the girl is deep into the interior of the Colony..."

Bill stands on the bridge, addressing scant officers. "We'll be in too close for nukes. Same thing goes for missiles." It'll be like "two old ships on the line, slugging it out at point-blank range," he says. They share a breath at that, the romance of sailors. "I want the gun captains to do their job and start firing immediately, and to continue to fire until they run out of ammo, then I want them to start throwing rocks." He flashes them all a brilliant, loving smile. Proud, and happy, and joyful. Moving forward.

Kara's in Sam's chamber, as Galen explains how Sam will help interrupt the Colony's defenses, which will be just as automatic. "If we can plug him into Galactica's dradis, FTL, and C-3 systems," Ellen explains, "His mind should then be able to directly communicate with the Colony's Hybrids once we jump in." His mind will control their commands, and slow down their responses. But there's a catch: they need hardwire connections to those systems, which means taking him -- tank and all -- into the CIC. She stares at him. It's so naked, in such a naked place.

Adama pulls Hoshi aside in the corridor outside CIC, handing him Admiral's stars. A surprise Saul couldn't manage to hold onto, nudging and winking his way through the last day or so, no matter how important it is to Bill. "I need someone to lead this Fleet who I trust, who demands universal respect. So the Baseship and the Fleet are yours." Hoshi's from Pegasus; of them all now on CIC after the mutiny, he understands what Bill is saying, and promises not to let him down. They've arranged a rendezvous point, twelve hours from now; if Galactica's not there by then she won't be coming at all. The Admiral salutes Bill Adama, and holds it there, wishing Bill good hunting. He holds his gaze long enough, and nods, leaving. Bill lingers in the corridor, watching him go.

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