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The Girl Who Fell To Earth

What's been going on? "Well, it got pretty bad after you left, Gaius. They'd bring us supplies, and men would come and take them away, by force." Jeanne is sad, disappointed: "It was... We were very tired, Gaius." Paulla explains that they eventually realized they'd been abandoned, and had to take care of themselves. The room shifts around her words, as Gaius realizes he's going to have to fight her; even Jeanne looks down and away, ashamed to have lost faith even a moment, trying to spin it. "Abandoned? I... How could you... I wouldn't say that," Gaius burbles, and Jeanne blurts out, uncomfortable with the awkwardness now that he's here, "Abandoned by God." Paulla stares down at her with humorous contempt, and Gaius admits that he would probably say that, after all.

"There were dead men in the halls with guns in their hands. So we took their guns. Now we can protect our food, and we can protect ourselves." Paulla is proud. As she should be. The OTG never let her down, just his prophet. Jeanne points excitedly to the crates and crates of food they've gathered, offering him an out: "We're taking care of ourselves now!" Gaius takes the opportunity and makes their pain a parable: "I knew if I stayed away that you'd find the strength," Paulla rolls her eyes expressively, "And you have. It's one of the reasons why I stayed away as long as I did." Paulla, snotty, finding new levels of disappointment as he digs himself deeper, snarks that he was wise indeed. Six appears behind him in a fucked-up looking Ren Fair dress and points out the obvious: "Sheep have a new shepherd, Gaius." He wriggles uncomfortably. He's seen what Paulla can do with God on her side.

Ellen congratulates Saul on an "impressive" fuck before leaning in and conspiratorially asking who he's frakked since killing her. His mouth hangs open, disingenuous and fake as possible. Saul Tigh is many things but he was never going to be good at this. "Come on. You don't think I know your repertoire after thousands of years of marriage?" He laughs fakely, trying to play it off, and she's like, "No big. You thought I was dead!" Um, yeah. Because he killed you. Talk about the elephant in the room.

Saul laughs, his tone false and light, and tries to put her off. He can't tell her until his pants are buttoned, and even then he won't tell her all the facts. "Well, if you really..." he says, like this is all her fault, "It was a Six. Caprica Six." Ellen's surprise shades into disgust. "We made Sixes. We created her, that's just..." Saul, oh Saul, blurts out that he thought of her, always. It's not possible for her to know just how strongly. She starts to ask, but then gags on it, grossed out. "Oh, please do not tell me I was your mental porn. That's just sad!" she says, somehow managing to close the book on this discussion in a relatively tender way. "Well, are you still seeing her?" He admits that he is, and she turns away, laughing; he zips her up like a husband.

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