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The Girl Who Fell To Earth

Saul, of course, correctly nails that this is all Tory's fault, but Ellen's still doing her whole gauzy Stevie Nicks condescending Earth Mother thing: "It won't work, of course. The child Hera is the hope for a new blended future!" I love, love the way Kate Vernon is playing this. Her Ellen is never one thing or the other, but always both: when the words are sweet she makes them treacly-sick, and when the words are petty she adds a deep, wise sadness. She always balances out the saint and the asshole, the virgin and the whore, the surface and the underneath, and makes Ellen a whole person. A whole woman, neither drowning nor flying, rising as she falls to the earth. This show is full of good actors, but this is some Katee Sackhoff shit she's doing here, and just as disconcerting.

"That used to be true," Tory corrects her, "But now there's another way. Caprica Six's unborn baby is pure Cylon." She's proud, happy to have found the least complex, least Galactica, the easiest and least complicated path. She has no idea what she's doing, careless, not once wondering what Ellen thinks about the pregnancy or even if she knows about it. Focused on Utopia. "We can rebuild a pure Cylon civilization." Even as Ellen's figuring out about Caprica, the Six is burbling that they can just live indefinitely on the Baseship somehow. Saul protests that Sam's in no condition, but the Eight promises him they can care for Sam better over there. I was going to say that this worked swimmingly for Hera, but who knows? Sam's a Cylon, whateverthefrak that even means now.

You can hear the countdown to Ellen going ballistic, the happier they get, as she pieces it together. The fool he made of her. "The Cylon family can survive! We can start over!" And if Tory hadn't planted a little ticking timebomb in her head a second ago, Ellen would explain that the Cylon family, like the human family, is now a dead end, and the only future they have is a Galactica one. But the bomb goes off, and Saul jerks toward her as she whisper-shouts, "Caprica Six is pregnant?" I've never spent a lot of time wishing I were Saul Tigh, but I can tell you I've never wanted it less than right now; his one terrified eyeball would seem to agree.

Martha: I looked at you tonight and you weren't there! Finally snapped! And -- and I'm gonna howl it out! And I'm not gonna give a damn what I do, and I'm gonna make the biggest goddamn explosion you've ever heard!
George: You try and I'll beat you at your own game.
Martha: Is that a threat, George, huh?
George: That's a threat, Martha.
Martha: You're gonna get it, baby.
George: Be careful, Martha. I'll rip you to pieces.

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Battlestar Galactica




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