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The Girl Who Fell To Earth

After the break there's a complicated series of conversations better suited to the stage; I've wondered how to recap this since the first time I saw the episode, because it's a Bach canon of cross-purposes and sentences that only associate poetically but still carry the scene and get everything across, like two scenes happening at once. I think there's a way to have filmed this -- the entire sequence during the mutiny between Lee and Kara crashing the brig, and Lee and Saul rescuing Adama, was similarly complex and shouty, and suffered on single viewing for the same reason -- but it's a brilliant choice if you really look at it. Ellen's yelling at Saul about the baby, and the Six is waxing happily about the kid, and then Ellen bitches about how this is gross because they are their children, and Chief's trying to get them to stop talking about the damn baby, and Saul says no way is he going, because Sam said not to, and Tory's hilariously like, "Well, he's not saying anything now," and the whole time Ellen's yelling over everybody about what an egregious whore Saul is, and Saul keeps telling her to shut up, and she gives an outrageously awesome speech about how he's just like Cavil, lying to her like this down in the wardroom: "You made us all filthy in this. You just can't stop poisoning me. Poison, more and more, of it until I'm swimming in it!"

Nick: We'll go in a little while.
George: Oh no! No, you mustn't! Martha is changing, and Martha is not changing for me! Martha hasn't changed for me in years! If Martha is changing, that means we're going to be here for days...

Like you wake up with the memory of your son fucking you with your father's face, okay, and you finally think it's fine, and there's your husband, specifically not telling you that he's having a child with your daughter, and it's just gross on gross and lies on lies, and there's no stopping it until the Eight -- of course, of course she can't handle mommy and daddy fighting -- yells at them to stop, so they do. Saul explains to the silence that he's not going anywhere, but Ellen sure as hell can feel free if she going to keep yelling, and the Six tells them it has to be all Five, obviously, because that's the whole point of the Three/Natalie revolution and the civil war and even Earth. The Eight is like, "You have to vote. And then it's majority rule, like you taught us."

Galen, of course, immediately votes to go, because simplicity is something he's been trying to regain since Boomer went all Brokeback, which was the last time he was happy. Tory tries some more lovable bullshit -- "Great. That's me and you. I mean, we don't really know what Anders would vote..." -- and Galen sort of tiredly reminds her doubletalking ass that they do know what he would say. And the whole time Ellen is still freaking out, because she is not done yelling. It's amazing. "All those years we tried to have children and we never could? You must've been laughing your shiny, shiny head off!" Saul's appalled, and even more when she starts yelling about how that must mean that he never even loved her, and in this moment I think she believes it. Tory's like, "Great, he never loved you, knocked up a Six, yadda yadda, what's your vote?" Ellen looks around, and desperate for control and space to think, says she hasn't decided and runs off. She will freak out for about five seconds and then pull a Blair Waldorf and get scary, watch.

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